Writing Courses you NEED to be a REAL writer

Writing Courses you NEED to be a REAL writer

Do you want to earn money through your writing? Do you want to write and sell your book? In this article you will find all the Writing Courses you NEED to be a REAL writer.

Writing is no longer the poor man’s art, the kind you do by candlelight and make a few pennies. (if you’ve read Little Women you get the idea).

On the contrary.

Millions of writers grow salaries from their pens every single month and so many even become millionaires (more than you think).

Now I don’t want to blow your minds with big numbers, in this article we start from the beginning.
I just want you to realise that receiving a full-time salary by writing is possible, real, and that yes, you too can do it.

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Read this post to the end and thanks to these Writing courses you will know everything you need to start your writing career today.
(For those who read the article to the end, there is a little surprise).

Writer jobs that make money?

  • Book writer
  • Copywriter
  • Editor
  • many more you will find at the end

I have whole articles, so many words that will explain to you what writer’s jobs to try and on which sites it is best to look for them. But this article will help you in another way, I will present the best courses to learn how to write but not only that.

You will learn how to publish your writing and above all (very important in this era) how to use social media to publicise your writing.

Also, little surprise, all these Writing courses are on Fiverr.

Fiverr is a platform that people use to advertise their ‘Gigs’, i.e. the work they offer. A lot of writers use it as their main platform to find and communicate with their clients.

The best thing about these freelance Writing courses?

Every time you complete one of these Writing courses, a sticker will appear on your Fiverr profile showing all potential clients that you are an expert in that field.

Wonderful, isn’t it?

The best Writing Courses

Writing Courses you NEED to be a REAL writer

To write

Writing courses you need


Writing is a creative art but that does not mean it does not have studies behind it.

There are precise techniques to get straight to the heart of your readers and these Writing courses shows you them with cleverness and simplicity. You will be able to renew your writing from day one.

With this course you receive 18 videos to view whenever you want and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Who is it for?

This course is for all writers. Whether you do coywriting, are a blogger or a book writer, this course will greatly enhance the use you make of your creativity.


All reviews are paraphrased to avoid copyright issues, the meaning remains the same and you can view the actual review by following the link.

Wow! This class taught me so many new things about writing, it would have taken me years to find all this information on my own. Very well taught and very useful for every content creator!

I was afraid of wasting money instead I ended up with lots of new writing tips. They will help me to write more efficient articles for my blog but also to describe my products in a way that attracts potential customers. I can’t wait to put what I have learnt into practice.

From Structure To Style: Master Your Copywriting

If you are trying to sell ANYTHING you need copywriting techniques. And only a copywriter can really tell you what works and what you should avoid.

By following the advice of this Renowned writer, who has also written for The Wall Street Journal, you will be able to capture your customers’ attention in less than two lines.

Who is it for?

Perfect for copywriters, bloggers, freelancers that want to learn how to sell their writing and great for every Business owners.


All reviews are paraphrased to avoid copyright issues, the meaning remains the same and you can view the actual review by following the link.

Courses like these are great for getting all the information you need to become a professional copywriter right away. I finished the course in one night because of how useful and informative it was, it is definitely worth the price.

Viral Marketing & Copywriting course

Viral Marketing & Copywriting

Whatever you want to do from a computer requires writing.

Even those who do advertising graphics must have some knowledge of copywriting to be successful.

Choosing the right words will make the difference between a text that is forgotten by everyone and one that is viewed and appreciated by millions.

Who is it for?

Great for digital nomads who want to use writing to work from home, freelance writers and for anyone wanting to start a professional career in digital marketing.


All reviews are paraphrased to avoid copyright issues, the meaning remains the same and you can view the actual review by following the link.

I wish I could give 10 stars. I learnt more with this course than by going to business school. The practical advice in this course exceeded all my expectations.

To publish

Create And Self-Publish Your Book Or Ebook

OK thanks to the Writing courses above you have learnt to write professionally.

Anyone who lays eyes on your writing is immediately captivated by it.

But now a problem arises.

To enrapture the hearts of readers, you must first find people to read your book.

This course teaches you just that, how to publish your book and how to present it on the major social media.

Who is it for?

It contains everything writers and ghostwriters need to know. Also useful for online businesses that want to sell e-books and for freelancers wanting to learn how to construct a captivating story.


All reviews are paraphrased to avoid copyright issues, the meaning remains the same and you can view the actual review by following the link.

Great course, loved the quiz at the end! It made me realise that without even realising it I had learnt so many new methods. Very useful course will serve me well throughout my literary career.

How To Sell On Amazon: Step-By-Step To FBA

Do you know which is one of the best platforms to self-publish your book? That’s right, Amazon!

The site naturally has iron-clad credibility and every single day has millions of people looking for the new book to buy.

Of course there is a lot of competition, so this course will teach you all the tricks to get your hands on a best seller.

Who is it for?

Great for anyone who needs to sell something on amazon. Don’t have a product to sell yet? This course will help you find the best product to make lots of money with a little side hustle.


All reviews are paraphrased to avoid copyright issues, the meaning remains the same and you can view the actual review by following the link.

I really enjoyed the course, the content is practical and organised. It taught me a lot.

To promote

If you are a book writer, after all these writing courses, you have your book ready and published.

If you are a freelance writer, you now have all the resources you need to be a copywriter and ghostwriter.

Now that everything is ready there is only one thing missing. Nobody knows you or your talent, so it is time to promote you!

Fortunately, we live in a time when you don’t need to print hundreds of flyers and put them in your neighbourhood mailbox.

Too much effort and it would be used as a coaster at best.

Now it is much ‘easier’ to promote yourself, all it takes is a few right clicks on a phone.

You may wonder why I put ‘easy’ in inverted commas?

Well, promoting yourself is always a challenge and here too there is a lot of competition, millions of people.

But there is no need to get discouraged, a good social media course can make it easy (and make the inverted commas disappear).

Thanks to the courses I will show you now, you will be able to grab your exact audience, the one you want, the one who will trust you and buy what you offer them.

No more random videos and images created in two minutes, now is the time to use a war strategy.

Social Media Content Strategy

This course is much appreciated, for all the love it receives it is extraordinary that it still costs so little.

In this course you will learn key tricks for identifying your audience and studying your competitors.
The first step to real success.

With “Social Media Content Strategy” you will learn how to create an efficient content strategy and you will be able to understand what to do to capture the attention of your ideal audience right away. In your case, dear writers, your audience is very specific.

And you need to narrow the field as much as possible to see your earnings numbers grow.

Not sure whether or not to buy this course?

Follow the link and you will see one of the free resources. You will then understand, without spending a penny, whether that information can be useful to you or not.

Who is it for?

The course is great for business owners (you, since you have an object or talent to sell) but also very useful for bloggers and influencers.

Would you like to earn money with a blog? Click here.


All reviews are paraphrased to avoid copyright issues, the meaning remains the same and you can view the actual review by following the link.

I loved it, full of information and so easy to follow that I was able to use it as background while working. It was money well spent.

Awesome! Thanks for this easy tutorial, I learnt a lot of new strategies and secrets on how to grow my business!

Viral Marketing: 7 Secrets To Promote Any Product

Knowing some marketing techniques is essential if you want to attract potential customers. In this course you will learn how to create market demand for your product.

You will attract people willing to buy your book or hire you as a copywriter for their business.

But most importantly, the instructor will show you how to gain the trust of your audience without having to consume your enrgy.

You will learn to master the saying ‘Work faster not harder’.

Who is it for?

Perfect course for those who need to sell a product, great for digital nomads who want to work from anywhere in the world. Also a must for those who want a career in digital marketing. Suitable for anyone who wants to use social media for their business.


All reviews are paraphrased to avoid copyright issues, the meaning remains the same and you can view the actual review by following the link.

This course is great, it taught me many techniques that I can implement right away and I feel like a more capable freelancer now. Good work Fiverr, great courses!

These writing classes are a gold mine, as a vocal talent it has never been easy to find an audience but this class has opened my eyes to the many opportunities out there. Thank you!

Writing Classes you NEED to be a skillfull writer

I am sure that at least one of these writing courses will be useful to you, you will realise that I have given you the complete package.
Not only writing courses but also marketing courses and social media strategies. Nowadays it is not enough to be an artist, you have to learn how to show your art in the most appropriate way.

If you have come this far, you are already a champion. And here is my little surprise; I did a lot of research to give you a complete article with everything you need to get started right away. Here you go: How to make money writing online + Red Flags To Watch For

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Writing Courses to get all your freelance jobs

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