Why Do People Love Cozy Fantasy (and What Is It)

Why do people love cozy fantasy (and what is it).

Cozy is one of the most wonderful things in this world and today I will explain why.

First though, I have to take into account those people who are unaware of some of the terms used on the web
So first let’s explain

What is cozy fantasy

This term refers to a type of Fantasy that does not contain war, murder or anything so extreme. These books are often about some character going on an adventure and have by definition, a happy ending.

Some of these fantasy books are for children, but not always, because adults also like to surround themselves with a dreamlike atmosphere, especially when real life becomes unwelcoming.

Often these books are imbued with magic and beautiful landscapes, to give you a visual idea, I recommend checking out the Ghibli films.

In fact, most of the books from which those stories are taken belong to this category of fantasy.

Now that we understand what cozy fantasies are, let’s see together why they appeal so much to audiences of all ages.

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The lack of extreme drama

One of the reasons why they are so loved is precisely the absence of tragedy.

Many fantasy lovers love to read gory stuff, they love the trope of war because it gives them so many insights.

Also, because of the world we live in, we sadly feel much closer to a climate of fear and violence than anything else.

If we read something that speaks of loss and fragility, we can easily find ourselves in it, and this appeals to readers.

Nevertheless, ‘cozy fantasy’ exists and continues to win hearts.

And the reason is clear.

Although normal fantasy is very attractive, it is also heavy on our emotions. They make us feel a lot of pain or hatred for different characters, and although there is nothing wrong with that, after something like that the mind needs to relax a little.

That’s where the cozies come in.

They are a bit like a holiday after hard work, the heart can relax for a moment and enjoy an attractive world that is often withheld from us in adulthood. And that brings me to another point.

They make you feel in a dream

As I said, these books do not contain many of the negative parts of everyday reality. This means that what remains is the good.

Of course there is conflict in some of those books too, because if everything always went well, there would be no story to tell.

But conflict is faced with courage. With the help of friends, family and a bit of magic, which makes it all more complete.

These books allow you to meditate with open eyes and if you have ever meditated you know what I mean. That feeling of lightness that greets you when you are completely relaxed, in those moments even flying seems possible and life is beautiful, despite the negative spots.

I think the only way not to let reality defeat you is to take refuge in dreams. The important thing is that you do it in a healthy way, because as a wise old man said, ‘It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live’.

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There is closure

They take you by the hand and lead you where they wish, like a leisurely stroll. You don’t have to decide where to go or imagine explanations on your own, because everything you need will come to you as the pages flow.

I have many times experienced the unpleasant feeling of finishing a book with an open ending.

For goodness sake, it is a valid choice of the writer and sometimes it is the right one. But that does not erase the fact that it is highly stressful and annoying.

In cozy fantasy, on the other hand, there is no trace of this kind of ending, or at least they are not common. In those kind of books any conflict is resolved in the end and the happy ending leaves no room for doubt.

Great before bedtime

Last night I finished reading the second book of Howl’s Moving Castle. (yes, it’s a trilogy I was surprised too).

That book really felt like it had the length of a dream, the pages practically flew through my mind. Every day before going to bed, I read about twenty pages and that calmed me down enough to put myself to sleep without any worries.

Many of us unfortunately find ourselves having too busy lives and this is also reflected in our insomnia problems.

It is really hard to sleep when you have an interrupted voice whispering worries in your head.

But I have found that reading before bed, especially something so peaceful, helps a lot. Apart from being a soothing agent, it allowed me to close the book with a smile, because the subject matter was very fairytale-like and this made me feel calm.

Once the book was closed, I still felt in a fairytale atmosphere and my imagination started to show me beautiful images, of bright and happy places. I even dreamt of them.

That is the impact those few minutes before we close our eyes have on us. They are crucial both for our sleep and for waking up the next day.

So if you want to feel better, I wholeheartedly advise you to put a cozy fantasy on your bedside table and enjoy those moments, when in the soft light of your room, you can become a child again.

I have great respect for those who write this kind of book, because it takes an immense talent, not only to see the world like this but to show readers all its wonder.

To do this you have to remember what colours looked like when you could not yet write their names properly and how roses smelt when you did not yet know the pain of thorns.

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