Where to buy cheap (or free) books with Beautiful Covers

Where to buy cheap (or free) books with Beautiful Covers

How do I love thee?
How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
I love thee to the depth and breadth and height
My soul can reach, when feeling out of sight
For the ends of being and ideal grace./

Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Looking for cheap books that won’t break your wallet? I got you.

Over the past few months, despair has spread through the internet over the closure of zlibrary.

Many people who could not afford to spend money on books relied on the PDFs on this site to read what they wanted.

I understand the desperation because some people really cannot afford to spend money on anything other than survival.

And some simply don’t want to.

I am not here to talk about how right or wrong this is, but one has to look for a new solution.

That is why I have found much fairer choices for both readers and writers, who are entitled to compensation for their work.

There you have it, the best websites to buy cheap books in 2023.

Book Depository

Positive points:

  • Very high discount percentages
  • Large variety of books
  • Many cultural books
  • FREE delivery to a lot of countries
  • Books in several languages
  • There is a category for LEGOs (slightly discounted, but better than nothing, come on)
  • Good filtering of books. By keywords, ISBN, language, author and publisher
  • Possibility to subscribe to the newsletter and stay up to date
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Here you can also find children’s books at low prices and they have a very useful detail.

As you can see they are all divided by age so you don’t have to scroll through countless volumes to find what you are looking for.

Book Outlet

Here too you will find very low prices. The books are divided by genre and there are also categories here to help us quickly find what we are looking for.

Positive points:

  • The more you spend, the higher the percentage discount
  • There is a large category of children’s books, divided by age and price
  • There are many fantasy books at very low prices with beautiful covers
  • Many games + wonderful puzzles
  • Gift category with many discounts
  • By subscribing to the newsletter you get $5 off your next purchase

World of b

World of Books

If you visit the home page of this site you will immediately notice the amazing prices. By paying the cost of one book you can get 4. Below I have put the Best-sellers and they too have very low prices.

Among them is ‘The Thursday Murder Clubby by Richard Osman’, a book you will also find in my list of books to ABSOLUTELY read in 2023.

Positive points:

  • Buy 3 get 4th FREE
  • The condition of the used book is specified
  • They have both hardback and paperback
  • Many different genres
  • Vinyl category
  • Old and rare books category (15% extra discount if you order 2 or more rare books or vinyls)
  • Books are divided between fiction and non-fiction
  • DVD and video games category


Here too we have benefits that we have already seen in the others.

The books are divided between genres and here too the price range starts at $0.

Positive points:

  • Books filtered well by price
  • Category with most-loved authors of fiction, non-fiction and kids books
  • “Must-read” category
  • They have LOTS of children’s books

Thrift Books

A website that I love so much.

The prices are low, you can easily find the books you want and it’s very straightforward.

Positive points:

  • They have any genre you can think of
  • Dedicated category collectible books (beautiful but of course high prices)
  • Well filtered categories
  • There are music albums and many CDs
  • Videogames
  • Many games (they have a category dedicated to the Grinch so they deserve my love)
  • They have a blog section where you can keep up to date with new arrivals

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Better World Books

They have pretty good prices for used books (reuse books!). They donate a book to someone in need for every book you buy, and have free shipping on every book

Positive points:

  • Category with banned books
  • MANY filters
  • The more books you buy the higher the discount percentage
  • Books of any genre
  • Gift certificates up to $100
  • They do a lot of charity work with site earnings
  • They give away coupons
  • FREE shipping on orders over $15

The works

Their sales are not only focused on books, but they sell much more and at low prices.

Positive points:

  • With only $6 you can buy 3 books
  • Many children’s books
  • Category with EVERYTHING for less than $5
  • Free shipping on orders over $25
  • They have several physical shops in England, Scotland and Ireland


Wandering around this website almost feels like family, there are very personal touches in the blog.

Positive points:

  • Award winners category
  • Category ‘books chosen by the staff‘ (brilliant idea)
  • Many filters in used books
  • Gift card option
  • They sell many different items including very nice notebooks
  • Blog to keep up to date
  • They have some physical shops (you can see the map on the website)
  • You yourself can sell your used books on the portal


When you open the portal, their blog immediately appears, with interesting articles and beautiful covers.

Positive points:

  • You immediately find the book you are looking for thanks to excellent search filtering
  • There is any kind of book
  • Category with rare books
  • Many school textbooks
  • You can find physical sellers near you
  • You can sell your books and much more on the portal


Very useful site that gives you even recommendations for gifts.

Positive points:

  • Very intuitive
  • Many different genres
  • Cheap school textbooks (you can resell them yourself)
  • Many children’s books
  • Has all the most famous sagas
  • You can find books even for a dollar
  • Blogs full of interesting articles (like this one here)
  • Many books are shipped for free
  • Cheap DVDs and vinyls

EBOOKS (With FREE ones)


All ebooks are free or almost free, by subscribing you receive offers.


Subscribe to the newsletter and receive all available offers.

Bargain Booksy

Here, too, you have to subscribe to the newsletter and you will receive great offers on any ebook that suits your genre choices by email. (You can take a look at some ebooks even without signing up on the site).

But that’s not all.

Since many writers, as well as readers, read this blog, I couldn’t help but add something for you.

This site has a great category for authors. You can use the site’s popularity to advertise yourself and find lots of new readers interested in the genre of your book. Have a look and see if it suits you.

On these sites you can even buy books with a value of $90 and pay only $30 for them.

Some of these sites do not do a good job of selecting the books that the public is most interested in at the time. So I advise you to have the books you want to buy in mind before you land on these used book websites.

You will find lots of used books, but there are also some new books that are heavily discounted. Don’t miss these bargains!

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