Websites to find the Best Limited Edition Books with Beautiful Art

Websites to find the Best Limited Edition Books with Beautiful Art

Some people really have an obsession with collecting limited edition books.

One doesn’t just hunt for stunning covers, though no one complains about that. What one also looks for are special details between the pages (BREATHTAKING ART) and some prints also offer matching bookmarks!

Even the bookbinding part is done with love and care.

Now it is not so difficult to find special editions of some books, some are even sold by amazon. But, if we really want to be serious book collectors here, the more special hardback editions have to be searched for a bit.

I don’t understand why, but I couldn’t find any article collecting all the sites to buy collectors’ books together.

Come on Google, not everyone has all day to spend researching sites on their computer. (In my defence my time is spent on you, so it doesn’t count as an excuse).

Well dear collectors, dear lovers of books with beautiful covers, don’t worry.

If you have never even laid eyes on a limited edition of a book you love, fear not.

The sites I propose today have everything you need to change your life (for the better for your eyes, for the worse for your wallet, points of view).

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There are two ways in which you can receive the best limited edition books:

  • You buy special editions from the presses
  • You subscribe to a book subscription and receive a limited edition of a book every month.

In this article I will show you both options.

Websites with Limited Edition Books

Enjoy the list of websites to discover the finest limited edition books with stunning art, bookmarks, attractive covers and unique bookbinding.

Easton Press

The Easton Press with special edition books has everything you could possibly be looking for. At a glance you will already fill your cart with books.

The Easton Press offers:

  • Deluxe editions
  • Signed editions
  • A section where you can find the most popular books
  • Tons of classics with the kind of cover that screams ‘this bookshelf is older than me and full of secrets’
  • Also, a section entirely dedicated to personalised gifts for any loved one.

The Easton Press, to reassure novice collectors, also offers a 30-day guarantee. If you are not satisfied, you can return it and you will be reimbursed for all charges.

They also promise that more than half of their profits go to support mental health research.

You just have to take a look and see what inspires you!


Buy limited edition books with Owlcrate

Owlcrate is really playing with my feelings, because I absolutely want all the boxes they have offered and will offer. I need them. But let’s take a good look at what they offer if you sign up.

Owlcrate offers:

  • Choice of middle grade books, young adult books, adult fantasy books
  • A unique edition of a surprise book with exclusive covers, a creative dust jacket and art made just for you between the pages
  • Bookish Items we all want (you can also buy them separately)
  • Boxes that typically ship between the 15th and 20th of each month
  • You can see the contents of boxes they have already sent to subscribers and some are for sale
  • Excellent reviews

This site attracts me a lot, I can’t find a single downside. I would recommend signing up for a month, see if it’s for you and then make a decision. I really don’t think you will be disappointed. Also, if you sign up for the newsletter you get a 10% discount on your first subscription!

What are you waiting for? Run!

Subterranean Press

Subterranean Press To Buy The Best Limited Edition Books With Beautiful Art

Subterranean press puts a lot of care into the special editions it produces. Only 45 titles a year are published. Let us see in detail what this is all about.

Subterranean Press offers:

  • Original science fiction books, fantasy books and horror books
  • A limited edition of a book with exclusive cover
  • Valuable illustrations
  • High quality bookbinding
  • Fast and secure shipping

This press is premium among those selling limited edition books, and this certainly helps buyer confidence.

Take a look at what they offer and if the prices don’t scare you too much, place your order!


Buy special edition books with Illumicrate

Illumicrate is another site that offers you a mystery box every month. This site, however, has a few more details.

Illumicrate offers:

  • A recently-released exclusive edition hardback book
  • A different theme every month (this month it’s Anti-Hero, I love it)
  • Exclusive artwork printed on the book
  • A subscription dedicated to horror books
  • An entry dedicated to romance books
  • The possibility to skip a month if the theme doesn’t inspire you
  • A new book at the end of each month
  • Autographed books
  • Each theme has Content Warnings
  • Special gadgets

This also effectively threaten all our wallets. Subscriptions do not cost that much and some boxes can be bought individually. Have fun!

Beautiful Books

Beautiful Books is a gold mine for every reader. It really does have everything.

Beautiful Books offers:

  • A YouTube channel that shows you the best books for every occasion
  • A blog full of book reviews and literary tidbits (a bit like iinkonscreen ;))
  • Special editions of books divided by genre for every collector
  • Reliable links where you can find the book for sale
  • A complete list of special editions every month

On this site you do not buy books directly but it tells you exactly on which sites to find them by giving you the link. This way you also have the security of relying on sites you already know.

Suntup press

The Suntup press is a quality press, all the special hardback editions it offers are of great value, plus they have an extra detail that I really like.

Suntup press offers:

  • Lots of hardback limited editions to choose from
  • Stunning art produced by artists with a capital A
  • Before you buy a book you have the opportunity to see the binding style and examples of the graphics it contains
  • You can choose between Classic Edition, Numbered Edition and Lettered Edition

They carefully craft limited edition books and are committed to offering the best quality to all readers and collectors who trust them. They are certainly worth a look!

Grimoak press

Grimoak press to buy limited edition books

Grimoak press is an excellent press that takes care of its beloved fans by also using useful articles to alert them to any news.

Grimoak press offers:

  • A blog alerting you to every new edition
  • Exceptional art produced by reliable artists
  • A varied choice of limited edition books
  • The feeling of being in good hands due to the company’s expertise

Before you buy, you can read all the information you need right away and choose the shipment that suits you best.

The Folio Society

The Folio Society with great limited edition books

The Folio Society is an excellent choice for beginning book collectors. Not only does it have a verity of choices available but it offers its special hardback editions at a super competitive price.

Folio Society offers:

  • Competitive prices compared to other prints
  • Books handled with care and commitment
  • A varied choice of genres
  • An excellent selection of classic children’s books
  • A section dedicated to the best books to give as a gift to a reader/collector

Previous printings are committed to precise books and therefore do not always meet the public’s taste. Folio Society, on the other hand, offers a choice of the best-loved books, fiction and non-fiction. Not bad at all for a beginner collector.

Juniper Books

How to use Juniper Books to buy limited edition books

Juniper books offers a huge variety of limited edition books, even vintage cookbooks & cocktails book sets. But let’s see in detail.

Juniper books offers:

  • Book jackets sold separately
  • Famous books with exceptional covers
  • Art that sums up book concepts very well
  • Gift section divided by occasion, such as birthday, graduation, etc.
  • Limited edition books for every taste
  • Competitive prices and books also sold separately

This press is also great for novice collectors but also for those who want to have their favourite book in a beautiful edition despite the fact that it is not a classic. Don’t miss out, we are also in discount season!

Litjoy crate

Litjoycrate, by readers for readers, special edition books

Litjoy crate is an excellent site created by readers for readers. Let’s see if it works for you.

Litjoy crate offers:

  • Everyone’s favourite fantasy series
  • Literary gadgets that nobody would refuse
  • Literary pdfs for the holidays
  • Lots of bookish merchandise, including fanart and original puzzles (even a Poseidon-themed spoon)
  • Great gift ideas for every reader

Litjoy crate favours its members over normal buyers. Their membership, however, costs very little and offers a lot in return. A separate shop just for you and special discounts. Try the shop open to everyone and if you like it you can always join.

Know that writing this article hurt my feelings, because now I want to buy and subscribe to everything I saw. Too much beauty on these sites for my wallet.

Now, if you don’t want to hurt my feelings in vain, you can share this article with everyone you know or on your socials with the buttons below. Thank you.

If you really love reading or are interested in writing (or both), you will really love every article in this blog.

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Enjoy your reading and let me know if you buy anything!

10 websites to find the best limited edition books with beautiful art
How To Find Beautiful special edition books for collectors
Websites To Find The Best Limited Edition Books With Beautiful Art

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