Meaningful and Unique Pet Names based on Books

Meaningful and Unique Pet Names based on Books

You have just adopted the cutest pet you have ever met and now you are looking for unique pet names? You’ve come to the right place!

The pet names based on books you’ll read in this article would work well for all types of pets. Dogs and cats, of course. But also snakes, fish, hamsters, guinea pigs. The only ones who don’t deserve these names are tarantulas (I’m joking, of course) ahah (maybe).

Finding the perfect name for your new pet can be both exciting and challenging. There are so many great options and the sky is the limit. If you want meaningful pet names, the better option is to turn to your favourite books. You can choose based on how much you like the character or how cool it sounds. The choice is yours.

Today I’m going to show you character names for pets that come from a variety of different books and stories. If you love literature, here are some timeless pet names inspired by iconic characters!

Libby (The Atlas Six)

The first name that deserves a place on this list is Libby. One of the protagonists of the book I have just finished (so yes, I am a bit biased).

As much as I fear the character might be offended, Libby is a great name for a pet. Very musical and easy to pronounce, and who knows, if you are lucky, your horse may even develop magical abilities.

Fluffy (Harry Potter)

Fluffy is the three-headed dog who, despite being an omicidal machine, is just a cuddly pooch to Hagrid. This literary nickname is great for both Harry Potter fans and Greek mythology buffs, as this ” adorable patootie” is a reference to Cerberus, the guardian of the underworld.


If you are into Greek mythology, you deserve to be reminded of the existence of these names. Scylla is my absolute favourite and I think it would be great for a snake or something that would try to end you in other circumstances.
To stay in character, you know.

A little refresher if you don’t remember:

Scylla: The absolutely terrifying creature that ate as many sailors as you have eaten crisps in your life. A six-headed reptilian monster that every ship has to sail near to pass through the Strait of Messina.

Sphinx: The absolutely terrifying creature with the head of a woman, the wings of an eagle and the body of a lion. According to the riddle, if you are unlucky enough to meet her, you will have to answer a really difficult riddle. And if you are wrong (and you will be), she will eat you whole.

Cerberus: The utterly terrifying creature that, as I mentioned, is a three-headed dog that guards the underworld. If you’re dead, no problem, he can’t really do anything to you, can he? The good news is that if you’re alive and you see Cerberus’ face, you’re probably going to see Hades soon!


These creative names come from a great fantasy series and would be even greater as literary pet names. Naming your pet after characters from books is an exciting adventure and can be a lot of fun.

I think Ophelia is a beautiful, delicate name, and if your new adorable pet has big, adorable eyes, it’s a match made in heaven. On the other hand, if you are looking for a creative book name that will leave a lasting impression on your friends, then Archibald is the name to go for.

Howl Pendragon

A mysterious 27-year-old mage with a bad reputation. Who doesn’t love Howl? Who wouldn’t want to be Sophie, magical powers included? Howl Pendragon is a great name for a narcissistic heartbreaker, pet. The Pendragon part is a must.

Choose a pet name based on a beloved book character

Whether you’re into classic literature, modern novels, children’s books or thrilling mysteries, there’s a perfect literary name for your furry friend.

These book-inspired unique pet names are original and inspired by great stories we have all loved. Let me know in the comments if you have chosen one for your adorable pet and give him/her a kiss for me.

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