The best Spring Books Reading List [2024]

Spring is perfect for devoting every available moment to reading. It is especially perfect for those who find themselves in a reading block. Just as it brings flowers to life, this season can easily revive the hobbies that winter buried with its busyness.

What books to read in spring?

There is nothing better than reading spring books lying on a lawn surrounded by sunshine. Today I have collected some beautiful spring books for you, selected for all ages and tastes.

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Children Spring Books

I am a Mouse (A Golden Sturdy Book)

A cute little mouse who visits all his friends in the forest. But he too, in that green paradise, has problems.

Spring books for children: I am a Mouse
Spring books for children: The Very Hungry Caterpillar's First Spring

The Very Hungry Caterpillar’s First Spring

Let your child experience its first springs with a cute caterpillar that will show them the most beautiful things in nature.

Bunny Roo, I Love You

One of the mothers’ favourites. This book shows many mothers intent on reassuring their babies. Because no matter how big and sometimes scary the world may be, they will always be there to protect their child. A great picture book for a good family moment.

Spring books for children: Bunny Roo, I Love You

Hello Spring

This book is a daydream. It presents us with Spring, not as a season, but as a character who has her own anxieties and fears, which she will have to find a way to overcome before she can wear the crown of the season.

Young adult/Adult Spring Books

I Wish You All the Best

A book that warms the hearts of the entire lgbtq+ community. A novel that turns a negative situation into a promising future. Hope and spring go hand in hand at the end.

A Far Wilder Magic: Allison Saft

A fascinating story of magic and dreams. A boy and a girl, a hunter and an alchemist, who have different goals but only one way to achieve them, collaborate and win. During this strange collaboration, however, they discover something from which there is no return.

The Island of Missing Trees: A Novel

The love between two teenagers who are suddenly separated, their meeting place gone. A book about the effects of war on love, on family, on memories. A loss and then a search for an old love.

Firekeeper’s Daughter

A girl ready to start college, full of dreams and hopes, but who sees everything disappear because of a family tragedy. From one day to the next she finds herself having to take care of her mother, and although after meeting a nice boy things seem to improve, an unexpected murder will change her life forever.


A classic that shows us a young woman who, after losing her friend, finds herself alone in a big house and in a society that does not fully satisfy her. She will have to find something to devote herself to in order to escape the daily boredom of her life.

Get a Life, Chloe Brown: A Novel (The Brown Sisters Book 1) 

A girl who loves precision and order, so much so that she organises her whole life, down to the smallest detail. After almost dying, she decides she has to give herself a more transgressive look but her perfect character does not allow her to do so, at least not on her own. The most transgressive guy in town will have to teach her how to step out of her comfort zone and really live her life.

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