The Best Books To Read During Summer 2024

Summer books list

The arrival of summer is a joy for many people. The beach, the sea and trips to the mountains cheer up even the hardiest of hearts.
It is almost perfect this way, but to have a truly unforgettable summer, there is nothing better than a list of summer books to be consumed under the umbrella.

Summer is a beautiful season for books. You have more time and energy to devote to reading and we even get a chance to catch up on our dreaded tbr.
Summer reading is great for relaxing and enjoying the warm summer sun. For summer 2024, I have collected some summer books that are sure to excite you and keep you company. A summer book is not just a book in which everything happens in a summer or holiday.

A summer book is a book that will electrify and bring you freshness.

It is known that summer brings dreams and hopes to life, awakens emotions that have gone into hibernation due to the cold. And this summer book list has the same power, prepare to be hit by a rollercoaster of emotions that will leave you glued to the pages of the book.

Choose your favourite book from this summer list and enjoy an unforgettable reading experience!

Love & Olives

Book by Jenna Evans Welch

This thrilling read is about Liv Varanakis, a girl who one day receives an unexpected postcard from her father inviting her to visit him. Nothing strange, except that her father has abandoned her and she hasn’t heard from him since she was 8 years old.

The theories her father was telling little Liv about Atlantis seem to be of interest to National Geographic, so she curiously decides to accept the offer and flies all the way to Greece. Liv is struggling with all the emotions that meeting her father brings up, and having Theo, her father’s helper, around doesn’t help. In time, however, she realises how much beauty Santorini has to offer and enjoys the summer, at least until she discovers the real reason why she is there.

Big Summer: A Novel

Book by Jennifer Weiner

This summer read is about a friendship that is not ready to die. Daphne and Drue were best friends in high school but after a bad fight they ended their relationship for good. For years each went their separate ways.

That is why she is shocked when suddenly Drue reappears with an unusual request.

She asks Daphne to be a bridesmaid at her wedding. Daphne is hesitant, but the days away at a big mansion and the prospect of meeting many cute, single guys convince her to enjoy those few days. Now all she has to do is find out why after seven years her friend has come looking for her again.

The Island

Book by Elin Hilderbrand

A wedding planned down to the smallest details that promises to be magical turns into disaster when Birdie, the mother of the bride-to-be, receives the news that her daughter has cancelled the wedding.

It promises to be a summer full of possibilities, with truths yet to come. Birdie to make up for the discouragement decides to organise a nice holiday and so she with her sister and two daughters head to Tuckernuck Island for the summer, a remote island where no phones or television are used, nothing to distract from summer life.
Between tensions, joys and new loves this book transports you with a breeze on a holiday with four resourceful women.

Wedding Night

Book by Sophie Kinsella

This book is perfect for the quick loves that summer often brings. Lottie is thrilled, she can’t wait, she is sure she is about to receive the big question of her life.

“Will you marry me?” this is what her fiancé is about to ask her with excited eyes. Her hopes are dashed when she realises that the big question is only about a small summer trip.

She is so stunned and humiliated that she decides to take drastic measures; she gets back in touch with an old flame and they decide to get married. Immediately, without seeing how they get along first. Naturally, the people around her try to stop them from doing such a crazy thing but Lottie seems determined to put the ring on her finger.

Opposite of Always

Book by Justin A. Reynolds

A book that with wonderful characters strives to remind you where the joys of life lie. It is an interesting novel that turns into something more. Jack and Kate are a beautiful couple, they have a lot in common and Jack feels like the luckiest guy in the world to have met her.

All this is broken, however, by Kate’s death.

Shattered Jack does not even have time to mourn because he finds himself back at the beginning of the story, when he met the charming and funny Kate. Jack is shocked but tries to make the most of the situation, he tries to change the future and prevent Kate’s sudden death.

Unfortunately, the timeline is a fragile concept and Jack will have to realise how much he is prepared to sacrifice to change the course of events.

Tweet Cute

Book by Emma Lord

A novel involving two worlds, the virtual and the real one.

Pepper may have many personal problems but at work she is unbeatable, in fact she is the one who keeps the family business running. She doesn’t tell anyone but every day she spends hours looking after the huge Big League Burger Twitter account.

Jack’s family is also in the food business. He can’t say that he loves his job, but when he sees that Big League Burger has stolen his grandmother’s special recipe, he decides that he will stop at nothing to let Twitter know the truth. So Pepper and Jack begin a tweet battle, and while the virtual fights continue, in reality the two find themselves increasingly attracted to each other.

A light book perfect for this summer, you too, like the fans on Twitter, will find yourself loving this unexpected couple.

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