How to read without getting Carsick: Pro tips

How to read without getting Carsick: Pro tips
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I hate getting carsick. When I was little I LOVED being in the car, I loved the gentle (sometimes) movement and it always helped me sleep. It was like being rocked for hours.

A few years ago things changed though, I started to feel nauseous the moment I set foot in the car. It’s not an everyday thing. Sometimes it happens and if it’s a long journey I ask the car to stop and put my feet on the ground. And breathe in fresh air if possible.

There’s a very peculiar smell that cars have that makes me carsick. It’s like a mixture of petrol and dust. But even if the car has been cleaned, sometimes it’s even worse.

I don’t really know why I get carsick and why it started years ago. But I do know how much I hate it. I am also an avid reader and logically a long drive is the perfect time to get lost in a book. But it’s impossible for me. Sometimes I get carsick reading messages on the phone, so a real book is out of the question.

But I don’t want to give up. If my friend, as she always reminds me…, can read in the car without any difficulty. I want that superpower too!

So in this article, I’m going to collect the best tips for reading without getting carsick, and you can tell me in the comments if they’ve worked for you! At least some of them have worked for me!

Tips to read without getting carsick

There was a time when I always had car sickness and when I was in the car with my parents, they got a bit worried about it.

Sometimes I would get sick in the morning or in the middle of the day, like a pregnant woman.

So one day my mum came up to me with a box in her hand and said “I asked the pharmacist and she said these are great for all kinds of nausea”.
And then she gave me these candies.

Morning sickness relief for pregnant women

I have to admit I was a bit sceptical. A little too much.

And they were ginger-flavoured.

I hated ginger.

But the nausea was too strong and I swallowed both pride and ginger and took them. And I hated that they worked so well.

Within minutes I felt much better and was able to continue on our little trips. And the strong favour helped keep my nausea at bay for at least an hour (in the worst cases).

So I think it can work wonders for those of you who want to read in the car. Take one of these and enjoy your little book without any discomfort.

And update: thanks to these little helpers, I now like ginger.

Ugly glasses can solve all the carsickness

According to experts, the reason we get sick while reading in the car is a misunderstanding. Our inner ear senses the movement of the car, but when we concentrate on reading, our eyes stay still. So the ear says to the brain “we are moving” but the eyes say “no we are not you ignorant”. And of course these are the exact words.

So our brain gets a bit confused.

We still don’t know why this discrepancy causes the well-known disease. But one thing that can help is motion sickness glasses.

These are glasses that, instead of lenses, have little tubes with some liquid in them. This fluid moves with the movements of the car, plane, ship or whatever it is you are on, and it helps your brain understand. So the eyes know that you are moving, even if you are reading, and they should not trigger the nausea reflex.

They are very ugly, yes, but also very funny. It’s the way you see them. I think it’s the most useful way to be immune to carsickness when reading a book in a car.

General car sickness tips

If you have very little motion sickness, you can survive reading in a car with a few tips. For example, take a break every half hour and look at the horizon.

Keep the window open and try to breathe as much clean air as you can without imitating dogs. When you are not reading, close your eyes and rest your head. And if you can, always try to sit in the front seat of the car.

All of these tips can work together for you and you can mix them with the above.

I really hope this article helps you enjoy your book in the car and I’ll certainly try them.

There’s no single answer to the question of how to read in a car without getting sick, because what works for one person may not work for another.

Now that you know why reading makes you feel sick, you can try these solutions and find the one that works best for you. The sweets absolutely worked for me, so even though it’s a simple trick, it may solve your problems too. Good luck and read below to find out what books you should read next and take with you on your travels.

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