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40 Money affirmations that work instantly (With proof!)

40 Money affirmations that work instantly (With proof!)

What is your idea of wealth? What do you mean when you say you want to make more money? And why? That’s what you need to know before using these powerful money affirmations that work instantly.

But it’s not difficult. To help you understand what I mean, I’ll explain what my idea of wealth is.

When I think of a rich life, I imagine a big house with a much bigger garden around it. I imagine nature mixed with classic interior design. My full definition of wealth is this: I have the means to do what I want without worrying about finances.

So what’s your definition? How do you imagine being wealthy?

What are positive affirmations and why do they work?
The definition of a positive affirmation is a phrase that you repeat often and that gives you a positive outlook on life. If you want to create financial freedom, the trick is in your mindset.

How to create an abundant mindset

Why is your attitude towards money so important?
Your money mindset is what you think when you have to spend money. If you feel

Fear: you think you’ll never get the money back
Lack: You feel poor and like you don’t have enough resources to fulfil your desires.

You probably have a money trauma. This often happens if you have lived in poverty. If you saw your parents struggling, sad and angry because they didn’t have enough money, you’re probably doing the same thing in your adult life. We learn all our beliefs in childhood and it’s very easy for parents to pass on their own hard feelings.

These money affirmations will help you create an abundance mindset because they will change the limiting beliefs you use to create your life every day. If you are used to repeating ‘I am so poor’, ‘I will never have money’, ‘Life is ugly’, it will certainly take a while to change these ideas.

But with time and repetition, nothing can stop you from achieving your millionaire goal.

If all you have to do is repeat a few phrases, why would you ever refuse?

How to get the most out of money affirmations

Affirmations work best when you use them at the right time. These 40 money affirmations that work instantly are no different. Here’s when to say them for quick results:

  • Say them during your morning routine
  • Whenever you have doubts, say the affirmation that reassures you the most
  • Say them before you go to bed
Money Affirmations to achieve financial stability

40 Money Affirmations That Work Instantly (With Proof!)

  1. Money flows to me every time I think of it.
  2. The happier I am, the richer I get.
  3. I’m grateful to have the financial means to live my dreams.
  4. I have a comfortable and rich home
  5. My life is healthy and rich.
  6. I love being wealthy and giving what I can back to the universe.
  7. I get paid just for breathing
  8. I deserve to achieve all my goals
  9. Money is a flow of energy. I accept that it comes and goes.
  10. Money is everywhere and easy to come by
  11. I don’t care, I am so rich
  12. Everything I spend comes back three times
  13. All my money comes from healthy sources
  14. Money flows easily to me
  15. Growing into the best version of myself
  16. I am entering the most successful period of my life
  17. Money always comes to me from healthy, unexpected sources
  18. I deserve money
  19. Money is good
  20. I will build a better world with my money
  21. I am a money magnet
  22. I make money in my sleep
  23. All the things I want are cheap or free to me
  24. I smile at my bank account every time I see it
  25. I release all conscious and unconscious limiting beliefs about money.
  26. I deserve to feel abundance
  27. I am so grateful for the love money has for me.
  28. I am so grateful to be blessed by the universe.
  29. I am the golden baby of the universe
  30. I love money and it loves me
  31. Money always flows to me from multiple sources
  32. I am financially free
  33. All my debts are taken care of
  34. I never have to worry about money, it loves me
  35. I have an abundance of happiness in all aspects of my life.
  36. People love to pay for my existence
  37. It’s easy and fun to make money.
  38. Making money is a game and I win every time.
  39. I know how to use money to build a great, fulfilling life.
  40. My heart is light when I spend money because I know it will come back to me many times over.

I doubt that you will say or even remember all these affirmations.

So do two things:

  • Save this article for the future (follow my Pinterest if you want a reminder)
  • Pick three affirmations
    The ones that resonate most with your Higher Self. And say them every day. Every time you create doubt in your mind, say one of these affirmations to make it go away. And if you want to be even more successful with these money affirmations, write them down on a piece of paper. And watch as your life changes overnight.

As you speak these words into existence, imagine the feeling. Imagine how you will feel when you achieve your money goal. Feel it. Do this whenever you want during the day AND just before you go to sleep. The feeling is the secret.

Here’s the proof you wanted…

Now I’m going to tell you about a time I manifested money in my life. Now, tbh, I have so many stories on this subject, but here I’m going to tell you the one that really shocked me.

Manifestation Story

There was a time in my life when money was a bit tight, but I really needed to buy something at the mall. But I knew about the Law of Attraction, and even though I sometimes forget it and lose faith (it happens to the best of us), I knew I could use it to improve my situation. So I did.

I used the affirmation: Any money I spend comes back multiplied.

For three days. For three days, every time I had doubts and a bad attitude towards money, I corrected myself by saying the affirmation. Each time it made me feel better and safer. And that’s why it worked. It took me from a feeling of lack to a life of abundance.

So what’s the result? What happened?

Well, on the third day I had to go out and buy the things I mentioned before. I spent more than I thought I would, so I got a bit too stressed. Like too much. But, and this is the crucial point. I stayed confident in myself.

I kept saying on the way back, “Any money I spend comes back to me many times over. I said it jokingly to my parents, alone in my head, etc.

After a few minutes in the car I got a message.
It was from Fiverr. (If you don’t know what it is, it’s a platform that allows freelancers to meet buyers).
I had subscribed to the app a few years ago and it was still on my phone.

But here’s the thing. I hadn’t used it for MONTHS.

On that site, your popularity is based on how much time you spend looking for buyers and responding to requests. I wasn’t interested anymore, so I stopped doing it and stopped getting messages. For months, not a single buyer request. Then, on a day when I had spent too much time but kept repeating my affirmation, I received one.


  • It paid really well.
  • It was easy to do for me
  • It came at the perfect time

Manifestation is real. It works and that’s why you hear about it everywhere these days. It gives tangible results.

But of course, if I said “I saw a fairy, they exist”, you wouldn’t believe it just because I said it. Same with the power of affirmations.

It’s so much better to say these money affirmations that work instantly with faith, but to do that you have to build your faith on something solid.

How do you go about building up your faith?

How do you do that? Just like I did.

Keep a notebook or just the notes on your phone and write down everything you manifest. Be mindful and grateful as the list grows. That’s all you need to know and do to become financially stable. Financial freedom will fall into your lap.

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