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How to organise the ideal reading environment

How to organise the ideal reading environment

A reader who likes the book he is reading can read anywhere. And I really mean anywhere, on the bed, in the bathroom, by the cooker. But that does not mean that each of us does not have our own reading environment.

A place dedicated to that hobby that can make us despair, bring us joy and make our hearts beat faster.

For me, an ideal reading environment should be:

  • Relaxing
  • Comfortable
  • Creative.
  • Away from any distractions
  • Close to the material you need (we can’t ignore those readers who need their pencils and coloured post-its)

Reading is a wonderful activity that allows us to immerse ourselves in fantastic worlds, explore new ideas and enrich our knowledge.

In this article, I will guide you towards creating your perfect reading environment, which will immediately help you get into the mood and get sucked into your imagination.

I will accompany you in building your perfect reading spot, whether you prefer a comfortable armchair in a quiet corner or a cosy niche in your bookcase.

I will show you how to reduce distractions and create a sphere of silence that encourages concentration and immersion in the story.

You know the strange positions we find ourselves in while reading? Upside down, rolled up on ourselves, legs against the wall, etc.?

In this article I will also not underestimate the importance of correct posture while reading, we will explore the choice of ergonomic chairs, supportive cushions and the use of tables or desks to maintain a comfortable position and avoid back pain or fatigue.

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Dear book lovers, it goes without saying that the most important part of your reading corner is where you sit.

Apart from the fact that the seat takes up a lot of visual space, it will be decisive for your comfort while reading.

And if you choose well, you will avoid that horrible backache that comes after a long reading session.

So let’s see together which option suits both the space you have available and your taste.

Y- Stop Hammock Chair Hanging Rope Swing

To have this in your reading environment you will need more space than a normal armchair. But if you have it, don’t let it get away. Just looking at it makes my back feel like heaven, feel comfortable for me too!

Patio Watcher Hammock Chair Hanging

This is a hammock like the one before only here you are in a sitting position. It still looks very comfortable and reminds me a lot of those cozy bookcase pictures on Pinterest.

HollyHOME Modern Fabric Lazy Chair

I cannot explain how much this chair has won me over. It was love at first sight (and I don’t even believe it). No really somehow it reminds me of Sherlock Holmes and besides loving him I love the comfort this armchair exudes. The colour is perfect too. OK I’ll stop but really look how beautiful it is, it will look great next to your bookshelf.


One of the things that builds the right atmosphere is music.

The right background makes a big difference (that is why the soundtrack of a film is so important).

Everyone has their own taste when it comes to listening to something while reading. That is why I have collected three different options to please everyone.

Some people find that listening to music while reading distracts them from the book, if you are one of them, move on to the next point.

Portable Personal FM Radio Headphones

Headphones are the most comfortable way to listen to music while reading. I personally prefer big ones. They have the magical power to make me fully immerse myself in what I am reading/seeing.

ByronStatics Portable Radio AM FM

Radios have gone out of fashion and few people still appreciate them. Rare but they exist and I certainly don’t want to ignore them in this article. Besides, this radio will fit nicely into your reading corner (and it is too cute not to propose it to you).

Vinyl Record Player Turntable 

I couldn’t talk about music to an audience of readers AND not show you a turntable. If you have been reading articles for a while, you certainly know that I love turntables and the atmosphere that only they can provide. It is difficult to find a good quality one at a low price so I am linking this one because I gave it to a friend as a present and I know it works well.

Before you go, do you know what’s absolutely perfect for your home? This guide to having the best coffee table book decor there is.


Comfort needs cushions so I certainly couldn’t leave them out.
They are not a central part of a perfect reading environment but still important for the overall atmosphere. I’ll put up the most beautiful and comfortable ones I could find.

Vdoioe Knot Pillow Ball

They are very soft pillows that for a while appeared EVERYWHERE. They are also perfect for resting on while reading a good book and have a very huggable shape (yes I accept pillow affection).

Decorative Throw Pillow Covers 18×18

Of course, I also propose ordinary cushions for those who want nothing special but to be comfortable. The cover of these cushions is very spongy so they are great for softening the beautiful armchair I proposed earlier. (I’ll stop with the armchair I swear).

Reading table

You need a small reading table close to where you read.

Even if you are not one of those readers who surround themselves with post-it notes and highlighters while reading, it is handy to have something nearby on which to place your book or beverage.

It can also give an extra touch if you choose to decorate the coffee table with a few vases of flowers.

2 Tier Metal Side Table with Removable Tray

This coffee table is adorable and is so small that it can be placed in a corner even if you don’t have much space to read. It also looks very light and therefore easy to move around the room. As in the photo, it is great for holding the books you are reading at the moment.

Aheaplus Sofa Side Table with USB Ports and Outlets

This coffee table is perfect if you have a little extra space in your room. Besides having plenty of space to put books on, it also has a single drawer and convenient plugs for charging your phone and computer. You can also keep a lamp nearby for reading (as you can see in the pictures on Amazon).


One of the things that determines the atmosphere of a room is the carpet. Carpets can turn even the simplest room into something interesting.

If you want to build a reading environment that is also pleasing to the eyes, you cannot fail to consider a carpet.

TABAYON Shaggy Tie Dyed Light Grey Rug

This carpet is the ultimate in softness and would be the perfect touch under a nice armchair. You can choose from various sizes so it is perfect no matter how much space you can dedicate to it.

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