How to make the book nook of your dreams

A Whole New World

flew to the horizon
of uncertainty and struggle,
hold every breath
to reach the most perfect hand
of the unknown, a water lou
of life of survival

Antonio Liao

Two words that have spread all over the web in the past few years, but many still wonder…

What is a book nook?

Easy, a small window that shows an enchanted world.

Bookcases are already beautiful on their own, full of those books we all love. But some have found a way to make them even more beautiful and special.

Book nooks usually represent worlds contained in various books, for example you can easily find harry potter book nooks, a box in which you can see mini magical shops or a big castle in the background.

These decorated boxes are usually the size of a book and are placed in bookcases to add colour and a sense of wonder.

What does it do?

Basically, nothing.

It is not something you do for utility but more for the sake of beauty.

However, some people use them to fill in the empty spaces of a bookcase, to make it fuller and more compact.

They are beautiful decorations that are quickly winning many hearts. They also make a great DIY gift to give to a reader, which is sure to be much appreciated.

How do you do it?

Create your own idea, think about what you would like to do.

Would you like a glimpse into a large labyrinth?

Or a peek into a secret garden?

An enchanted forest?

All you have left to do is choose and get to work.

  • Wooden sticks (like popsicle sticks)
  • Cardboard
  • Hot glue
  • Coloured paper
  • Tempera
  • Mini objects (can be found for sale on many sites)
  • Battery-operated lights
  • Cover prints (to make mini books, if you want to make a mini library)

How can I create mini books?

This is also very intuitive but you will need a little patience.

Here I will explain how to do it step by step.

  • Choose the books you want to make the cover for
  • Go to Google
  • Type in the name of the chosen book + “front”
  • Then do the same thing but instead of “front” type “back”
  • Download the cover images (download also the side cover if you find it or create it quickly on Canva)
  • Go to Canva (or Illustrator if you have it) and put the cover images together
  • Make as many covers as you like (the same size, mind you) and then print the sheets in colour
  • Cut out each cover
  • Glue them around pieces of cardboard the same size as the covers

And you’re done!!!
Easy no?

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Let’s get back to us.

You can find lots of tutorials on the web to get inspiration and figure out where to start, I recommend looking especially on tiktok (which is full of creative readers).

I don’t feel like gluing my fingers together, can I get one more easily?

Yes you can but

  • you won’t have the nice experience of having created something
  • you won’t have much choice about how it looks
  • you will spend more money

Of course I understand that there are situations where you don’t have the time or the way to build it so here below I have put

Some examples of book nooks that you can buy.

You can find many of them on etsy, amazon or on a site called Anavrin (I’m not sponsoring it, it’s just one of those that offers many beautiful ones).

The most beautiful ones I have found:

Bookshelf with LED light

Room of horrors

Diagon Alley

Winter wardrobe

Studio with landscape

Eternal bookstore

I really love this new idea and honestly can’t wait to try building one. What would you like to illustrate?
Dear readers, I hope you found this article useful, see you next time!!!

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