How To Instantly Become A Better Writer – The Perfect Exercise

How to instantly become a better writer

Writing is an art that takes time, care and dedication to master. But don’t worry, it is not just years of experience that can turn you into a great writer!

The most important part is practising, finding the best ways to expound a concept, but there are some exercises that will help you more than others.

There are many ways to improve your creative writing but nothing will give you better results than the exercise I am about to propose. I am not promising anything but if you dedicate yourself to this exercise, I firmly believe that your writing can totally change, for the better.

In this article, I will show you a secret to becoming a better writer immediately. With this exercise, you will learn how to write in a more engaging way, develop believable characters, create a fast-paced reading style and much more. It works best with fiction writing but can also help with non-fiction writing.

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With this comprehensive guide, you will be ready to write stories that will draw readers in and keep them glued to the page even during meals (my gravy-smeared books do not approve).

Find out how to become a better writer with these great tips.

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How to improve your writing now

We all have a list of writers whom we esteem and whose level of skill we admire. There are writers who have made history through their use of the words at their disposal and every writer dreams of reaching that level. Of being read and appreciated by millions of readers for generations.

For this exercise, you will choose a book by one of your favourite writers.
Someone who you think has excellent writing and manages to create lively, vivid characters. Someone you would like to take a cue from.

Because that is exactly what we are going to do today.

Take the book you have chosen and open it, turn to the first page.

Go to a quiet place where you can concentrate without being disturbed.

Now start the exercise.
Set a timer (you can find them either on your phone or on the web) for 15 minutes and start reading.

Read, read, read until the timer sounds.
Now, you will start copying exactly what you have read. Copy every word of the book onto a sheet of paper or a word document.
Do not change anything, copy exactly what is written.

Here’s a book that will help you become a better writer.

When you are done, put the paper away or close the Word document.
Also remove the book.

Pick up a sheet of paper or open a new document and try to rewrite everything in your own words. Without copying, write down what you remember.

If you stop here, this becomes a good exercise for studying in case you are still in school.

But since we are here to improve your writing, the exercise is not over yet.
Copy down everything you remember for 15 minutes, when the timer goes off, stop writing.

At this point comes the most important part.
Now take the two documents or sheets of paper you wrote on and compare them.
Read them side by side highlighting the differences and above all, what you think the other writer wrote better.

When we read a book we are caught up in the story and do not notice many details that make that writing a work of art.

This exercise will allow you to understand what it is that made you fall in love with that book and you can implement what you learn in your own writing.

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