How to Develop a Writing Habit using Music for productivity

How to Develop a Writing Habit using Music

Is it possible to use music to Develop a Writing Habit and finally write the book of our dreams?

We writers spend months and years trying to find a solution for writer’s block, how to develop a writing habit. Books and articles are written, videos and podcasts recorded, a flood of information to take inspiration from.

But the truth is that like everything in life, nothing is universal.

One piece of advice can be a lifesaver for one writer and have no effect at all on another.
And the difference is not in your talent, only in your personality.

The best advice I can offer you is, read, listen, seek opinions and strategies, until you find the one that clicks with you.

I myself have done many articles on the subject, because I understand that my audience is made up of talented writers who, however, often get stopped by the blank page.

If you want to stop procrastinating your book, the only solution is to find the best tips AND THEN put them into practice. See what actually works.

What we are talking about today is a method to combat writer’s block that follows the workings of our mind. I will explain through experiments and studies why music can help you Develop a Writing Habit and what kind of music you should use.

I am sure that this strategy can help at least 80% of you who are reading this article. As soon as you get off this article, don’t hesitate to give it a try!

Use music to stop writer's block

Can music make you Develop a Writing Habit?

Let’s start with the most basic concept.

When does one work best?

When you feel happy or when you feel sad and tired?

If you said the latter, get out of here.
No okay, just kidding.

But no, of course, the better a person feels mentally the more energy he will have to devote to work. And this is no coincidence, it all relates to dopamine production.

Dopamine is in fact a neurotransmitter that causes us pleasure, but not only. By stimulating the prefrontal cortex, dopamine also affects the part of our brain that deals with organisation and productivity.

Dopamine is produced in many ways, and you know one of them? Listening to music we like.

A study in ’72 in ‘Applied Ergonomics’, a scientific journal admitted that listening to music was especially efficient at stimulating repetitive tasks. In that case they found that by just listening to pleasant background music, productivity increased by 7.4 per cent.

As you can see from this document, the use of music to enhance productivity and the creative process is not new.

In fact, as early as the early 1930s, background music was used to combat fatigue and tiredness among workers.

In fact, a recent survey by ‘totaljobs’ showed important details.

Not only can music make a task less tiring, it also helps to complete it. In fact, music while you are working, or writing, helps to cancel out external sounds, but not only that.

Does it ever happen to you that while you are writing your mind goes ahead with the scene, and 10 minutes later you realise that you haven’t written anything but only imagined it? (I hope you tell me yes so I don’t feel crazy).

Well, music as a background also helps with that, in fact during the survey many responded that background music also manages to distract them from their thoughts and this makes them focus on what they are doing.

This survey revealed another very interesting thing.

I have already told you that we are all different so what is perfect for someone is a misfortune for someone else. Well, this also proves to be true when it comes to the most beneficial genre of music to listen to. In fact…

What type of music can save you from writer’s block?

Dr Anneli Haake, whose research initiated and contributed to these findings, noticed an interesting fact.

She found a connection between more complex work, where more mental energy is needed, and the tendency to be introverted.

In contrast, when it comes to more automatic jobs, the worker is often extroverted.

This also changes the best type of music to use to develop a writing habit.

You as writers, following this study, are probably introverts.

Therefore, Dr Anneli Haake advises you to listen to calmer music when you want to incite your productivity.

If, on the other hand, you are one of the exceptions and are an extrovert writer, she recommends a more agitated rhythm as background, but not too much.

It must be music that keeps you on your toes and does not make you bored but does not have the power to distract you.

What genre to use for Develop a Writing Habit ?

Since introverts need slower tunes, I recommend classical music and slow songs to combat writer’s block.

For extrovert writers, who need more movement, I recommend two things.

First the tomato method, which I always recommend anyway because it has been saving my life for years. To cut a long story short, you can easily find videos of this on YouTube, it is a timer with background music.

I personally find it best with the 25/5 timers, i.e. you write for 25 minutes and then take a 5-minute break before starting again.

In addition to the tomato method, for extroverts and ambiverts, I also recommend video game music.

It is designed to keep you focused on what you are doing, but not only that.

Try listening to the music of super mario bros (odd but I’m serious), I assure you that you will feel like you are working twice as fast. In two hours you will finish a day’s work.

Whatever social tendencies you have, experts also recommend the use of the sounds of nature.

No words can distract you, plus it will boost dopamine production, just what we need.

I really hope these useful tips to develop a Writing Habit have helped you, if you need anything else please use the articles below.

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Develop a Writing Habit using Music for productivity

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