How to create a timeline to outline your story

How to create a timeline to outline your story

There are many ways to outline your story, some more efficient than others. A very useful method that I also used for my book is to use the timeline.

The timeline gives you a clearer idea of which events should happen before the others. It would help you enormously to choose a narrative structure with this method, but it is not mandatory. (Nothing is when it comes to writing).

To make a quick and 100% manageable timeline I used google docs. In case you use another platform for writing, you can easily find the same tools there too.

Let’s cut to the chase,

Let’s start with your story outline

How to create a timeline to outline your Book Now

Go to docs and open an empty page. Now click on ‘insert’ (you will find it under ‘untitled document’).

Click ‘design’ and then ‘new’. A screen will open where you can draw the timeline and outline your story.

Click on the ‘Line’ symbol and do something like this:

Now make small vertical lines above the timeline. At each end of these lines you must insert the main parts of the plot of your book.

Of course, this method is great for doing a general outline of your book, because this way you have to use a few sentences to explain each point of the story.

This method of doing the book outline helped me immensely with my story. I was finally able to organise each point in chronological order, without getting lost in a thousand different ideas.

This tutorial to outline your story is quick and practical, in the end once you fill it in with your book’s plot you are done.
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Outline your story

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