How many books can a person read in a month

In a perfect world we would all have the time and energy to read all the books in the world, past and present.

Unfortunately, for the years that an ordinary human being lives, this remains impossible.

Although it remains only a beautiful dream for now, many readers wonder how many books they will actually be able to read in their lifetime.

The reading speed is variable, it changes from person to person. But over the years we have managed to group readers and thus calculate how many pages a person can read in an hour.To do this calculation, we have to think in terms of precise numbers.

So let’s see how many words a normal page of a book contains

This is one of the simplest answers.

There are 500 words for a single spaced page and 250 words for a double spaced page.

To make it clearer:

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For our calculation we will count using the metrics of a single-spaced page, because that is the one most often used.

Now that we have a number to use, we can move on.

How many pages can the average person read in an hour

Here we shall count the difference we were talking about earlier. Every reader can be divided into three categories, with a very low margin of error.

We will now see how many pages a slow reader, a normal reader and a fast reader can read in an hour.

Slow readers

In any calculation, you can see that a slow reader can read up to 30 pages per hour. This means that it takes them two minutes per page. These people are often easily distracted and therefore have to read a sentence several times.

Average readers

An average reader is slightly faster than a slow reader and can read up to 40 pages per hour. So he too takes almost two minutes per page.

Fast readers

A so-called fast reader, on the other hand, will read about 50-55 pages per hour. About one page per minute. Of course, it is assumed here that the reader gives full attention to the text before his eyes.

Remember that whichever category you fall into, this does not make you a less valuable reader. Everyone has their own speed and the more you read, the more this increases.

So let’s get to the point,

How long does it take to read a book?

On average, a book ranges from 200 to 400 pages. A slow reader will take 7 hours to read a 200-page book, an average reader will take 5 hours and a fast reader will finish the book in 4 hours.

We know that books do not have a fixed number of pages, so you cannot put them all in the same basket.

Here I calculate the number of pages divided by genre

Some of the shortest genres are horror, detective stories and novels. Of course it depends for them too.

If we take 350 pages as a general number, a slow reader will read the book in about 12 hours, an average one will read it in about 9 hours and a fast one in 7 hours.

So we already see the difference between a slow and a fast reader growing.

If, on the other hand, we take the longer genres, fighting for first place are the classics and fantasy. There are books in both of these genres that go up to 1000 pages.

Here to be in the average we will count a book of 600 pages.
And here you will see the real difference between the three categories.

A slow reader will take 20 hours to read a 600-page book.
An average reader will take 15 hours to finish the book. A fast reader will finish in 12 hours.

Finally, we answer the crucial question.

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How many books can a person read in a month

After all these calculations the answer is obvious.

Counting books of 600 words each, a slow reader reading for 5 hours a day will read 7 ½ books a month. An average reader, reading 5 hours a day, will read 10 books a month. A fast reader, again reading 5 hours a day, will read 12 books in a month.

As you see, a fast reader could finish a book of this length in just two days and this makes possible what we often see in social media. If a person raises the bar and thus reads 7 or 8 hours a day, he or she can finish 200/300 books a year. (The hours are naturally lowered if one reads books that have less than 600 pages).

Of course, not every fast reader can have this privilege because in addition to literature there is an entire life to carry on, work, school or family.

But it is nevertheless a nice curiosity to know and gives hope to those of us who despair because we would like to read all the interesting books in front of us.

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