Fantastic gifts for a reader on Valentine’s Day

It was many and many a year ago,
In a kingdom by the sea,
That a maiden there lived whom you may know
By the name of Annabel Lee;
And this maiden she lived with no other thought
Than to love and be loved by me…

Edgar Allan Poe

If you read a lot of books, especially novels, you will have a clear idea of the kind of gifts people usually like to give to various characters to show their love.

Houses, trips, an island, you always go big.

Gifts in books are certainly not underestimated and often serve to show how much that character cares about their special someone.

Of course, here we are in our reality and probably not all the people reading this article are millionaires. So let’s lower the budget. (hello future boyfriend, if you want to give me a house I will gladly accept, thank you).

Symbolic things are very important in books and many readers appreciate them more than mere material demonstrations.

Before I tell you my personal Valentine’s Day gift list, I advise you to think.

Has your soul mate recently (or in the last year) talked about something she would like to have?

Has he/she set their eyes on something and have you noticed?

Has he/she been sad about anything lately and is there a gift related to this that would cheer you up?

No stranger on the internet can know your loved one better than you can, so ask yourself these questions first.

And if you still don’t have any ideas and want some inspiration…

Here’s a list of perfect Valentine’s Day gifts for a reader.

Locket necklace

This is somewhat the king of symbolic objects. A necklace with a locket is often used as a symbol of love for someone, which is why it is often seen in romantic or family movies.

Here you have two choices to make considering the person you are with.

The first option would be to give just the necklace as a gift and tell your person to choose what to wear in their heart every day. (This I recommend in case the other person does not like their own photos).

Or you could put a photo of the two of you in the necklace where you were very happy, or a funny one where you were joking.

Try to choose a photo with a good resolution (it will be small so you have to see it well) and be sure to choose a photo in which she or he looked good!!!

Book nooks

These small objects have spread like wildfire among readers around the world.

They are much loved and a great gift to give to anyone. If you want to know what they are and how to make a book nook/buy one, click here.

If you have creativity and are good with glue and small objects, I recommend you create one yourself, thinking about the tastes of the person you are with.

For example, if she likes some singer, you could put mini albums in it, or if she loves nature, you could build her own secret garden with her favourite (fake) flowers.

To find out how, read the article tagged above and especially watch the videos that are easily found on the web, you will quickly understand what I mean.

A gift created by the person you love is always more valuable, but in case this kind of art is not for you, you can always buy it. Here are some examples.

A book with his/her favourite flowers dried inside

Of course the most obvious gift for a reader is a book.

Give a book that you think your loved one might like and see if he/she has already bought it or not.

It’s Valentine’s Day so…

To add a more romantic touch to this gift, a great idea is to put (days in advance, mind you) his or her favourite flowers enclosed in the book.

At first put the flowers between two pages covered with a handkerchief (so that the water coming out of the flowers will not dirty the pages of the book).

After a few days remove the paper and leave the flower inside, so it will continue to dry. Many people also use these flowers as bookmarks, but it is simply a nice gesture that will show your thought behind the simple gift. You can read more about how to do this here.

A collection of poems/books describing your relationship

Not all readers are the romantic type, but, needless to deny it, many are.

So a perfect gift for the romantic reader would be a bouquet of poems.

Look for ( Pinterest is full of them) poems that describe the love between you, print them out and give them as a gift.

I recommend giving them together with a diary, one that is new and has a nice cover. You can find many on Amazon but also on Etsy (which is always better because we give our money to normal people and not billionaires).

If you have good taste, this gift will make her/ him jump out of joy.

Read their favourite book, pin your thoughts on it while reading and give it to them as a present

There are very few things a reader would like more than someone to talk to about their books. Especially about their favourite book.

Just the fact that you spend time on something important to the other is a beautiful gesture. And it will certainly be appreciated.

What will enhance and frame the whole thing is to write notes while you read.

They do not have to be school notes of course but random thoughts that come into your mind, even simply underlining a sentence and writing ‘I dedicate this one to you’.

Make lots of notes for all the pages of the book and then give it to that person. I assure you that they will be very surprised and happy. Remember, WRITE ONLY IN PENCIL.

Disclaimer: If that person does not like writing on books, get some transparent post-it notes and use those to write your notes on the books.

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Personalised sweatshirt with something you often say to each other (a particular phrase of yours)

Personalised gifts are always the best because they show the strong knowledge that exists between two people.

I don’t know if it’s the same for you but I have some things with my friends that we say often. It can be a reference to a shitty figure, or some iconic phrase from one of us but anyway we have these little phrases that only we know the meaning of. We call it an inside joke.

This is created when you spend a lot of time talking to a person. I got the idea from the book: In a Holidaze by Christina Lauren.

Take a sweatshirt and write something on it that is important to you.

For example, something that refers to the first time you declared to each other?

Or a sentence referring to something funny that happened to you two?

Think about it and order your personalised shirt. I recommend Etsy for this too, they deliver very fast.

Sweatshirt with a print of his favourite book character (or favourite quote)

The same logic as in the paragraph above applies here.

This choice is simply more related to being a reader. I don’t think I’m the only one at all, but I would love a sweatshirt with a fanart of my favourite character. I’d probably wear it so much I’d ruin it in no time.

Both a fanart and a quote from their favourite book are good ideas.

If along with this you want to add something, I recommend a candle with the scent of their favourite character. (There are some of the most popular characters on the market).

Vinyl of a singer you like (or even better, a vinyl containing ‘your song’)

Many readers love retro stuff. I don’t have a scientific explanation to give you, but if I have to guess, it’s because reading makes you pay more attention to the little things.

Vintage vinyls are the emblem of a time that no longer exists.

Today everything is very fast and electronic but some people would like to get away from the screens a bit and go back to basics. I really recommend this gift, I myself am going to get it for someone important.

You can find vinyl for cheap but I recommend that if the person you want to give it to doesn’t have a record player, give them that instead.

Or even better, a record player and a vinyl.

This is very important because a vinyl without a record player would be a rather useless gift. Be prepared to receive a big hug after this gift, I am sure it will be loved.

If you want to go for the most romantic, give a vinyl that contains ‘your song’ or at least one that you think describes your relationship ( that is of a genre that person likes.)

This is a gift that is given in this book, so we have proof that it works:) The American Roommate Experiment: A Novel.

Valentine’s Day is every day.

Have fun choosing, the list ends here. To stay up to date, subscribe to the newsletter and follow the blog on Pinterest.

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