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Essentials to make your Pinterest wardrobe a reality (with links!)

Essentials to make your Pinterest wardrobe a reality (with links!)
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What are the essentials to make your Pinterest wardrobe a reality?

This is a small part of the huge clothing board I have created on Pinterest. What do you think?
I think 99% of girls have a Pinterest board called ‘clothes’ or ‘wardrobe’. It’s too tempting with all those pins dedicated to women’s style.

Personally, if you could turn all those pictures into clothes and deliver them to my wardrobe, I wouldn’t complain. You don’t know how much I want to have that particular style every day of my life.

“There is only one problem, these clothes have to be bought.

And I’m not even talking about the price.

No, no, no.

Worse than that.

The biggest problem is finding the specific clothes to create these outfits. Every time I go shopping I come home with clothes that I will wear maybe three times in my life and they are never, and I mean NEVER, in the style that I really want to wear.

The problem is that when I am in a shop, with thousands of clothes to choose from, I find myself buying what I like best at the moment. Not what is most wearable or what reflects my style, just what is most attractive.

That is why I am doing this article, for me and for you if you have a style similar to mine.

Here I collect, not to be repetitive, the essentials to make your Pinterest wardrobe a reality (with links!). And I stress, with links! So you don’t have to go crazy to find the clothes I’m showing you.

To view the products, simply click on the image and the Amazon page will open in another window.

Pinterest wardrobe Essentials (with links!)

* Click on the images to see the products *

Womens Short Sleeve Long Sleeve
Women's Palazzo Lounge Pants
Women's Plaid Long Sleeve Shirt
Mini skirt
rea coat
Women's Over The Knee Block Heel Stretch Boots
Neck Knit Crop Top Sweater Vest
Women's  Elastic Soft Opaque Tights
Women Crop Tank Top
Wide legs jeans
Classic blue coat
high heel
Women's V-Neck Knit Sweater
High Waist Plaid Skirt
Women's corset
women floral skirt
Winter wool coat
Work Trousers Long Straight Suit Pants
High Heel Boots Fashion Combat Boots Black Brown

These essentials are great for outfit inspiration. If you’re looking to build the ultimate winter capsule wardrobe, here’s what you need to include for the most stylish winter yet! And autumn too, of course!

I have created mini examples of winter/autumn outfits with heels and boots. And of course, a nice, warm coat is a must. If you like a bit of an old money style, all you need to do is buy these essentials to create the Pinterest wardrobe of your dreams. I have to start taking my own advices ;).

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Remember to follow the blog on Pinterest, if you want of course, and see you next time!

Make Your Pinterest Wardrobe A Reality

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