Enemies To Lovers Vs Friends To Lovers Books To Read Right Now

Enemies To Lovers Vs Friends To Lovers Books To Read Right Now

Enemies to lovers vs friends to lovers, the fight that has lasted for centuries. Both tropes capture the hearts of many readers and show us what we really want in a relationship.

If you love friends to lovers, you probably need to get to know a person deeply before you open your heart.

If you love enemies to lovers, you like decorative daggers. No, okay, besides daggers, you probably need to be stimulated in a relationship and love tension.

You probably still want someone to love you despite knowing all your bad sides.

OK, I’ll stop psychoanalysing you now. (maybe)

Personally, I love both tropes, although I have my own preferences. I know that a lot of readers like to choose one of the two, but in this article you won’t need to.

I will be recommending Enemies to Lovers vs Friends to Lovers as books with similar storylines, and you can choose which one inspires you more.

By the end of the article, depending on the books you choose, you will know which of the two tropes appeals to you most. Best of all, you will have enlarged your TBR and have plenty of interesting books waiting for you.

You will find fantasy enemies to lovers books, friends to lovers romance books and ya friends to lovers books.

Have fun reading the plots and finding the similarities, now let’s get started!

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Enemies to Lovers vs Friends to Lovers Books

The quest for power comes at a high price, will they be willing to pay it to survive?

These Violent Delights

A retelling of the story of Romeo and Juliet, enemies and lovers. Tension and power games lead to madness.

And if the rivals want to keep their wealth and their lives, they must find a way to work together and free Shanghai from the claws of a monster.

The Atlas Six

Join the Alexandrian Society at all costs. This says the heart of the six contenders. Enemies, friends, death – all take second place to the power the society can give them.

Will they have made the right choices?

This was not the plan, but since when does love warn before it comes?

The Hating Game

Lucy and Joshua are two very different colleagues. Like day and night. One full of energy and enthusiasm, the other very rigid and serious. In spite of their opposite characters, their cohabitation is bearable. At least until they both find themselves fighting for the same promotion. Who will win in the end?

The Love Hypothesis

Faking feelings for someone is always dangerous. But the risk increases when the person seems unbearably perfect for you. Olive doesn’t believe in love, at least not for her, but fate doesn’t seem to feel the same way.

Marriage brings people together. Sometimes against their will.

The Unhoneymooners

Olive is the unluckiest girl alive, so she is certainly surprised when her sister’s wedding is ruined and she gets a free holiday to Maui. Unfortunately, however, she won’t be alone; her worst enemy will be there every step of the way. They will have to pretend to be two sweethearts on their honeymoon, the holiday is worth it though, right?

The Bride Test

Khai and Esme live very different realities, and where he sees a waste of time, she finally sees an opportunity to live a new life. The only thing Esme has to do is to build a happy marriage with Khai.

Not an easy task if someone thinks he is unable to love.

Two daring women who chose to write their own fate.

The Girl Who Fell Beneath the Sea

Mina did not really ‘fall’ into the sea, instead she sacrificed herself to save her brother’s beloved. She thinks she made the choice, but perhaps it is fate that chose her to save the sleeping god of the sea and stop evil once and for all.

Daughter of the Moon Goddess

When her existence is discovered, Xingyin is forced to abandon everything she knows and face the intricacies of the Celestial Kingdom. Pacts made with the wrong person can cost a lot in such a place…

Fae creatures in a new and exciting light.

The Drowned Woods

Mer, the last living Water Diviner, has had enough of bowing to the orders of a violent tyrant. The time has come to rebel and reclaim her freedom, and she is prepared to do so at any cost.

The Bone Houses

Everyone longs for their loved ones to come back to life, but when it actually happens, it is never what they thought it would be. Ellis and Ryn must not only find a way to bring balance back to their town, but they must do the same with their hearts…

Enemies To Lovers Vs Friends To Lovers Books To Read Right Now
Enemies to lovers books, freinds to lovers books
Enemies To Lovers Vs Friends To Lovers Books for every single taste

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