Insanely Useful: How to find Beta Readers for your novel

How to find Insanely Useful Beta Readers for your novel

Want to know how to find Beta Readers for your novel?

Writing a book is always a great source of pride. After all the happiness, however, comes the realisation that the work is not finished at all, but it’s to edit. While writing the first draft it is good to feel free, to put all our creativity on paper without any prejudice towards the final result.

Plot holes, grammatical mistakes, filler scenes that do not move the plot forward. Everything is allowed until the end.

Before publication, however, one must sit down calmly and reread carefully, watching with a fresh eye that the story flows properly.

The best way to be more impartial is to step away from the story for a few weeks and only then return with a clear head.

But speaking frankly, we could detach ourselves for a year as well, but we would only have to re-read a few lines and all the writing would come back to us. Our love for the characters and the events does not change and can often cloud our judgement.

To help us there are wonderful individuals, the beta-readers. And here you’ll How To Find Insanely Useful Beta Readers For Your Novel so you’ll be ready to sell your book in no time.

Do not be afraid to go slowly.
Even the moon (who carries time on silver shoulders) knows that she cannot be made whole in one night.

What are beta-readers?

Beta-readers are people who take the time to read your book carefully. Once they are done, their job is to give you concise and straightforward opinions on what is going well and what needs revision.

They are very helpful in giving you a good framing of the plot, they can answer questions such as:

  • Are the characters’ characters consistent and believable?
  • Do their motivations make sense?
  • Does the story read well or are there parts where it is difficult to continue?
  • What are the best parts?

These are examples, but I advise you to write a list of questions, more suited to your story, and ask them to whoever will help you.

At this point, there is only one question left to ask, where (and how) do we find willing victims to help us in this quest?

How to find Beta Readers (for Free too)

How to find Beta Readers for your novel for FREE


Friends are the first people we think of when we need help. But they are not always the best choice.

First, the hard truth: not everyone has friends. Writers tend to be introverted people, very much in their own world. And that often means they are lonely people.

But let’s talk about those writers who have the opportunity.

All I can tell you is to choose well. Finding beta readers is one thing, finding good ones is quite another.

Friends are not always right for every situation. One might be the best for matters of the heart, another might be the best for rational arguments, and another might be the perfect beta reader.

The qualities that a good beta reader must have are honesty (if they sweeten the pill, they risk not really helping you).

Attention to detail (for this kind of work, you need attention that lasts throughout the book; if you read a few pages a month, you won’t get very far).
And, perhaps most importantly, a passion for reading.

There is no better eye than one that is used to reading the stories of great writers, so if you can find this quality in someone you know, you will be in good hands.

If this is not possible for you, there are other methods.

Facebook writing groups

There is nothing better than getting advice from another writer at the editing stage. And it is even better if the writer in question does not know you.

Since he or she has no emotional attachment to the author (you), the reader will be honest and impartial, and his or her knowledge of the subject can do wonders for the development of your book.

But how do you find beta readers on Facebook?

Facebook is full of groups where people share advice and opinions, and I am sure many will offer to help you. As an extra incentive, you can suggest a swap: they read your story and you read theirs.

As well as benefiting both of you, you could build a friendly relationship. And that always comes in handy in the literary world, especially when it comes to promoting your book.

Remember, though, that you are still talking to a stranger. You do not know them personally and you do not know if you can trust them. So if you are not convinced, do not send them your story.


Tiktok is very useful for a number of reasons, especially if you want to communicate with a large number of people in just a few clicks. It can also be used to find beta readers.

In the Tiktok profiles of readers and writers, you can easily find whole comment sections full of nice people ready to help each other.

Intrigue them with the details of your story and I assure you that many people, of all ages, will want to read it.

You have two options:

  • Find a popular profile, go to the comments section and simply ask if someone would be willing to read your book and be your beta reader. If someone accepts, follow their profile, get them to follow you, and then write to them. (On tiktok, you cannot chat privately if you do not follow each other).
  • Make videos talking about your story and ask if someone would be interested in being a beta reader.

It is not possible to send the book file on Tiktok, so you will have to email each other to communicate better.

Fiverr and Upwork

In the end, if none of these methods worked for you, all that remains are the paid options.

These do not have to be the last to be considered, because they can bring many advantages, for example:

  • Unbiased opinion from an outsider (whatever you say will be paid for so you won’t lose anything by being honest)
  • You can decide how long they should take to read the story and give you their opinions
  • You can choose the questions they have to answer and there is no danger that they will reoffend
  • They will take up their time and concentration on your story, so (if you find the right person) they will pay attention to the smallest details.

The most popular sites where you can find beta readers (and all kinds of services) on the web are Fiverr and Upwork.

On both you can place an ad writing down what you are looking for and then you will choose the best person from the different candidates.

These are all great tips to find Beta Readers. But remember not to take literally every opinion a beta-reader gives you; at the end of the day, opinions are personal, and unless several people tell you the same thing, even a beta-reader could be wrong.

The story is yours, so if you don’t like something, don’t feel obliged to change parts that are important to you.

Happy writing!

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