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If You Have An Insanely Ugly Dorm Room…do This

If You Have An Insanely Ugly Dorm This
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If you’ve got an insanely ugly dorm room, or want to avoid having one at all costs… you’ll need these room decor tips.
Often, dorm rooms are small and designed to be efficient. But that doesn’t mean you have to spend 3 or more years with blank walls.

Over the last century, the amount of time we all spend in our homes has increased enormously. And when you’re a student, the only place that really belongs to you, where you can enjoy some alone time, is your room. Whatever your taste, there are plenty of ways to turn an ugly dorm room into the aesthetic space of your dreams.

These tiny dorm room ideas are designed to meet your basic needs while creating a comfortable study space.

” These are great college room decor for guys too, so don’t run away just yet! “

Decorate the room with this framed wall art pieces

Framed wall art pieces

An original way to decorate the white walls of your college room is to use frames.

You can hang these up:

  • Concert posters
  • Film posters
  • A friend’s art
  • Paintings you like

Get cosy with this Original bed linen set

Original bed linen set

In a student room, the bed is often the biggest thing, the first thing you see.

A modern bed linen set can not only change the whole look of your bedroom, but it can also do wonders for your sleep.

Soft, colourful and warm.

Use Soft Pillows to create a welcoming space

Cozy Soft Striped Decorative Throw Pillow Covers

Have you ever seen the coziest rooms filled with lots of soft pillows?

The home decor niche on Pinterest is the queen of it, and looking at the pins makes me want to go into that room and sleep until the end of the world.

Relatable? I don’t know, but what I do know is that cushions are a great and especially cheap way to create a welcoming space in 5 seconds.

Use a Tapestry to Cover your Ugly Dorm Room Wall

There are many types of tapestry. Classic, Mandala, Bohemian and many more. But I’m sorry, this Squiddy one is the most beautiful I’ve ever seen.

Anyway, tapestries have many uses:

  • They have many uses as; bed cover, room divider, sofa cover,
    wall hanging, bedspread, wall art, ceiling decoration, bed cover, room divider, picnic blanket etc.
  • They are great for covering ugly walls (with stains, bad colours or worst of all, mould).
  • They can make the college room seem bigger

Bring your college room to life with plants

I recommend mixing fake plants with real ones if you have the time to look after them.

The artificial plants will need to be dusted from time to time, and the real ones will need to be looked after, but it will be worth it. A touch of nature can brighten up even the darkest room!

Buy at least one Multifunctional bookshelf

If you’re an avid reader like me (as well as loving this blog created just for you), you’ll definitely need this. Multifunctional furniture is perfect for those tiny college dorm rooms, and it’s just what you need to decorate your room without sacrificing its functionality.

This Bookshelf is not only super cute and perfect for all your precious books, but it’s also a great bedside table.

When you work smart, even the smallest space can become the stylish place you want it to be.

Have a Cute Trash Can in your room

Why on earth would you want a Cute Trash Can in your room? Well, if you’ve got a really ugly dorm room, putting rubbish in it doesn’t seem like the best idea, right? But no worries, I’ve got you covered.

Why you need a bin:

  • For all those awful notes you crumple up
  • For all the tissues you used to wipe away your college tears
  • For throwing away the wrappers of your favourite snacks

Luckily, as you can see, I have found the cutest office bin. So you can enjoy its use without taking any of the charm out of your lovely room.

Use your walls to save space

Black wall shelves

Your walls are not just there to be decorated. The owner of a tiny room needs to understand that all spaces can be used. And a big, empty wall is your best friend.

Put a few shelves on it and you’ll have space for all those little things you brought from home but didn’t know where to put.

You can use them as a library, of course, but also for simple home decoration. They adapt to all your needs.

Usa Mirrors to make the room appear larger

Small mirrors are a must in every room. You can always use the one in the bathroom, of course, but having one in your dorm room is great for many reasons. As well as helping with make-up, random hairstyles and checking outfits, they are great for making the room look bigger.

They don’t physically stretch the walls, of course, but they get close. A mirror, the bigger the better, can trick your mind into making the room seem wider and more airy. It’s a well-known trick, so don’t forget to use it to your advantage.

Enjoyed this article and want more? Great! You can find lots of great home decorating tips by scrolling down. But before you go, follow the blog on Pinterest to keep up with every article from Have a great time at university and remember to have fun! (even if you have an insanely ugly dorm room).

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Decorate an Ugly dorm room

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