Magical & Cozy books you want to read now (may contain murders)

After explaining Why Do People Love Cozy Fantasy (and What Is It) I have decided to collect for you some examples of books with a cozy plot.

“This term refers to a type of Fantasy that does not contain war, murder or anything so extreme. These books are often about some character going on an adventure and have by definition, a happy ending.”

Surprisingly, many of these start with a murder but still manage to keep the atmosphere light.

You may have heard about or seen the movies of some of these books, but very few people actually deepen the story by reading the book.

I love the plots of all these books, but although they all fall under the term ‘cozy’ they are very different from each other. So read the various plots before starting one of these books because I don’t want to get a slipper on my face.

Enjoy the list of the coziest books ever.

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Arsenic and Adobo

Book by Mia P. Manansala

A perfect book for food lovers but at the same time also the dream of poison(?) lovers. The plot is very interesting and inspires humour from all pores. You absolutely must check it out.

One Day in December

Book by Josie Silver

This title makes me constantly think of the song ‘once upon a december’ and the cover certainly doesn’t help. Perfect novel for romance lovers.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder

Book by Joanne Fluke

A mystery to solve and a bakery, what more could you ask for. Moreover, the book is based on a very good motivation – cookies must be protected.

A Psalm for the Wild-Built

Book by Becky Chambers

A book that has tea as its saviour, and that is enough to deserve to be read.

The mirror visitor quartet A Winter’s Promise

Series by Christelle Dabos

A series that plays with reality as if it were a puzzle. What is real and what is not? Are you sure you are real? My favourite book is the second in the series, which mixes a bit of mystery with the main fantasy element.

The Very Secret Society of Irregular Witches

Book by Sangu Mandanna

A very interesting plot that mixes the fascination of magic with the problems that arise when living in an anti-witch world.

One in a Million

Book by Lindsey Kelk

A cosy novel that shows us a resourceful protagonist who fights for what she wants. Often accepting things she later regrets….

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Once Upon A River

Novel by Diane Setterfield

A mystery that shakes a town, three girls disappear but only one returns. Which of the 3 families received the miracle?

The bear and the nightingale: (Winternight Trilogy)

Novel by Katherine Arden

An intricate fanatsy that introduces us, for the first time, to obscure Russian folklore.

The Thirteenth Tale: A Novel

Novel by Diane Setterfield

A novel that takes us deep into the lives lived by these two interesting characters. A biography that turns into something more.

Northern Lights

Novel by Philip Pullman

Parallel universes and strange experiments with a strange powder. How will the protagonist save the people she loves?

Wintersong: A Novel

Book by S. Jae Jones

A story about nature, darkness and dreams. With a touch of enemies to lovers.

The Night Circus

Novel by Erin Morgenstern

A deadly challenge surrounded by two different forms of magic. Which one will win? Is there really a way to win?

A Christmas Carol

Story by Charles Dickens 

A Christmas story we all know but few have read the charming book. A man who after years of darkness manages to rediscover the goodness within him, all decorated by a style of writing that immediately absorbs you into the plot.

The Forest Queen

Book by Betsy Cornwell

The king of the forest transforming into a queen. An exciting tale of courage and resourcefulness.

The Lost Kids

Book by Sara Saedi

Brave children facing a cruel reality, being nothing more than laboratory rats for the adults around them.

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