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Cheap and unique hobbies that no one talks about

Cheap and unique hobbies that no one talks about

Find three hobbies you love: One to make you money, one to keep you in shape and one to be creative.

These cheap and unique hobbies are not part of working hours. They exist precisely to let your mind go; it is no longer about being productive but just about feeling good.

Despite this, over the years many people turn their hobbies into business, thus mixing the two.

Most of the hobbies I list here can be used to earn money.

But before you think about that, do the most important thing, have fun.

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Benefits of having cheap and unique hobbies

Many people in our society find themselves working long hours and therefore often feel stressed and unmotivated.

To stay healthy in such a fast-paced world, one must maintain the right balance between work and spare time.

Hobbies can cushion the feeling of heaviness and allow the person to feel free and entertained.

Any hobby, whether physical or mental, brings enormous benefits.

It manages to lower stress levels considerably, gives you something to look forward to, but above all, it helps clear away that fog that hangs over the mind after working hours.

Some of the most important benefits:

  • It reduces stress:
    It has been shown that after producing art 75% of people had lower stress levels
  • Feeling of peace:
    Participating in creative activities has been found to bring a feeling of peace, which can last for days after the activity is done
  • No anxiety and depression:
    All hobbies, but especially group hobbies, significantly lower the risk of anxiety and depression


What if I don’t have time

If you think you have no time to devote to a hobby, stop thinking in days and instead think in weeks.

A week contains 168 hours, if you work full time, counting transport, you have about 118 hours left.

Of course you have to count sleep, but even then that leaves more than 50 hours free.

Those hours you obviously can’t devote them all to pleasure, but I’m sure you won’t commit them all to running errands, every day.

Day in and day out, we all have the habit of wasting time doing things that bring us no joy, like spending three hours on social media or all afternoon on the sofa.

Today, screens are the biggest source of distraction for everyone around them. Stealing time is their function; they capture your attention and then fight hard to keep it.

Forced detachment can be annoying at first, but if you manage it, you will find that night no longer comes so quickly and the time for your interests is there.

An excellent time to devote to one or more light, creative hobbies is after dinner.

Work has already been done, no errands in sight and above all, it is good not to have any bright screens around to disturb our dear sleep.

Put everything away and get on with the craft. (Even one hour a day will make a big difference to your quality of life).

Speaking of hobbies, this is the perfect book to learn absolutely anything.

Create your own bookmarks with paint

Artist Credit: ruthwilshaw

A simple and enjoyable hobby. You can turn even a simple card into a work of art.

You can find all the aspiration you need on Pinterest. Remember that you don’t have to be an artist to make art, the aim is just to make you happy.

All you need: Paint set

Candle carving

Artist Credit: MotherofPearI

Many mini sculptures made from candles are on sale and you can easily create one with your own hands.

You can create abstract shapes but also beautiful Greek statues, and it is much easier than you think.

This girl’s video is great to show you some tricks you can use to make your work easier.

All you need: Candle Making Kit

Learn to paint flowers

Artist Credit: beckyamelia_art

Flowers are among the easiest and most relaxing elements to draw. With just a few brush strokes you can create pretty decorations for notes and notebooks.

They are also often drawn to decorate and brighten up bedroom walls.

All you need: Watercolor Paint Set

Learn how to bind journals

On the web you can easily find tutorials on how to bind a book.

Besides having the enormous satisfaction of having created something, you will also have the possibility to choose the final look of the diary.

This type of art is time-consuming but allows you to create beautiful works. 

All you need: Making Handmade Books

Video tutorials to get you started:

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Learn how to sew

Credit: Loveydress

In a world where old things are thrown away without a second thought, clothes made by us have even more value.

Creating something useful and wearing your creation will fill you with satisfaction, but that is not the only reason to do it.

You can often find beautiful, princess-like dresses on the internet, but they cost an arm and a leg. Not so much for the materials but for all the time the artist spent on it.

With a small amount of money you can buy the fabric you need and create the dress of your dreams.

This blog is great for beginners.

All you need: Sewing Kit

Learn to crochet

Credit: wobbleblobbe

Crochet, like knitting, allows us to create comfortable and beautiful clothes. It allows you to create anything.

You can try your hand at clothes, puppets, bookmarks, blankets, the list is endless. If you can conceive it, you can create it.

There are many blogs and videos that guide beginners who are touching crocheting for the first time.

I personally find this blog very useful.

All you need: Crochet Kit

While a youtube video that can be very useful to you is this one:

Do you want to know my favourite hobby?

I love writing, especially for this blog. I love helping all of you and looking for solutions together. It is one of the most beautiful hobbies but the most special part is that it can easily become a job!
If you would like to work from home and think that writing for a blog is for you, don’t procrastinate, open it and start the journey!
I use Siteground as my blog hosting, it is easy and intuitive but above all it gives great 24-hour support. Take advantage of the discounts!

Create a diary of memories

Credit: Kaya-Quintana Broekhuijsen

This idea fascinates me a lot and I plan to do it too.

It consists of making a journal, or several journals, containing the most beautiful parts of your year.

You can write in them, fill them with photos and objects that remind you of moments that made you happy.

This is also a great exercise of gratitude, in fact it will make you appreciate more the joys those months gave you and make you curious for the beauties that the new year will bring.

Personally, I am very nostalgic so for me this is a perfect way to not let memories slip away.

All you need: Marble Diary with Lock

This is the video that comes closest to what I mean.

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Paint shoes

This trend exploded a few years ago so you’ve probably seen a few pictures on your Instagram feed.

Even today it remains a beautiful and creative way to carry your art with you.

Often the shoes that get painted on are Nike Air Force Ones and sometimes converse.

You can find plenty of examples on social media and with just a few touches you can make some really pretty designs.

All you need: Colorful Fabric Paint

Learn how to take artistic photos

Lately there is a lot of emphasis on simple selfies and little on artistic photos, which are the ones that make photography worthwhile.

Some people are more predisposed, as with everything, but nobody is born with a camera in their hand.

That is why even you, with a little practice, can take spectacular photos, equal to the great photographers.

Start by setting up objects and create the right light. You can easily take a cue from Pinterest and take artistic photos even with just a few objects.

To make them even better, you can learn how to edit photos and become unbeatable.

All you need: Digital Camera

Write poetry

Writing poetry is a great way to throw out whatever emotion is tormenting you at the moment.

No one requires you to reach the level of Leopardi, you don’t even need to have someone read the poems you write.

The important thing is that you put yourself there, explore your mind and throw down on paper whatever comes out of you.

You don’t need anything specific here.

Practice yoga or pilates


Practice yoga or pilates

Of course after all this creativity I had to dedicate some space to physical hobbies as well.

Yoga is much loved by all spiritual people, because it is good for both body and soul.

Pilates, on the other hand, allows you to have a slim and fit body. In fact, it became very popular in the 1990s, so much so that in the series Friends, Rachel says she uses this practice to keep fit.

Both yoga and pilates will give you enormous benefits and even if you dedicate an hour or so a day to them, after a while you will see a difference in your movements.

These are two excellent videos and accounts to get you started with these two practices.

All you need: Fitness Mat



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