Book Review: ‘These Violent Delights’ And Their Surprising Ends

Book Review: 'These Violent Delights' And Their Surprising Ends

These violent delights have violent ends“, the perfect quote to name the Romeo and Juliet retelling of the year.

Almost 500 years have passed since Romeo and Juliet was written, but none of us has yet grown tired of it. The tragedy of a love that crosses all boundaries to blossom continues to conquer our hearts and give us hope.

And well it still makes us laugh as Romeo and Juliet knew each other for three days but OK.

The story I am going to tell you about today is much more serious (Shakespeare don’t hit me) and full of tension. Let’s find out together why you absolutely must read this book if you love fantasy and enemies to lovers.

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What is ‘These violent delights‘ about?

Warning: Violence and very graphic and detailed scenes

Roma Montagov and Juliet Cai are the heirs of the two gangs that control Shanghai. The Scarlet Gang and the White Flowers will stop at nothing to kill each other.

Nothing seems to be able to stop the centuries-old feud, at least not until a strange curse hits the city.

A monster called ‘The Madness’ roams the streets of Shanghai, inexplicably causing those who see it to strangle themselves with their own hands.

Juliet and Roma seem to be the only ones who can make sense of all these deaths, and the only ones with enough power to solve the situation.

Unfortunately, they cannot solve the mystery that is draining the city, and if the two heirs are to save themselves and everyone they love, they will have no choice but to collaborate with the enemy.

‘These violent delights’ Book Review

Book Review: These Violent Delights' And Their Surprising Ends

‘These violent delights’ was a surprise in every sense of the word.

My sister wanted to buy me a book and I told her the first title that came to my mind after googling ‘fantasy romance’.

I was so happy to get a book as a present (you readers can understand that) that I started reading it without any expectations.

How did I find myself? Well, let’s just say that I certainly didn’t expect to find a mysterious and intriguing plot that would keep me glued to the book for the next few days.

The worst thing is that when I come across a book like this, often a fantasy, that appeals to me on that level – nothing, and I mean nothing, will be able to pull me away from the pages.

Do I have to eat? I would put the book on the table. Did I have to work? I would take a “break of several hours” to read.
When I tell you that this book took over my life for days on end, I mean it.

But what attracted me so much?
Two things:

  • The chapters that always give you something of the final secret, but never enough to find out.
  • The sublime writing.

The latter is, as a writer, the part that kept me on my toes the most. I don’t think it’s for everyone, especially not for people who just want dialogue and no description.

However, if you like to immerse yourself in the books you read, then this is the saga for you.

Much of the book’s value lies in the author’s frequent use of metaphor. With just a few words Chloe Gong is able to describe a person or a feeling perfectly. And everyone can understand exactly what she means.

I warn everyone who wants to read it that the saga is very graphic in some scenes, especially in the first book. But for me, at least, that makes it all the more powerful because you can really understand the desperation of the situation.

I recommend reading it if you love:

  • Books with LGBTQ+ representation (not the main characters)
  • Enemies to lovers books
  • Books with a mystery to solve
  • Freaking out every time the protagonists interact

I remind you that ‘These Violent Delights’ is a retelling of Romeo and Juliet, so the romance is very important to the plot. The ending, I admit, shocked me. But I won’t spoil it for you, so enjoy reading!

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