Book review: The popular “It ends with us” broke my heart

“It ends with us” book review

Today we are talking about “It ends with us”, the book that made Colleen Hoover stand out on booktok. It presents itself at first as a simple novel, a romantic story of how two soul mates met. But it is quite different.

In this book, the writer inserts a lot of her personal experience and that of her loved ones. And I think that is precisely why it is so successful.

This is a story of pain and remorse. It is a story known by many women, violence, justification, pain.

The reader is confronted with Lily Bloom, a woman full of dreams and hopes, and sees her slowly turn into her worst nightmare, her mother.

The writer presents this fall into pain with a very particular style. What attracts readers, and what also won me over, is that you don’t see Lily as an external person, you become her.

As we readers turn the pages, we fall in love with her, we wish the relationship would go well and we already think about happily ever after.

But there is always that little doubt in the corner that just won’t go away and on one page we finally understand why.

There is the moment when a loud crack is heard, and very little of the protagonist’s (and our) heart remains. The game this book plays is crucial in making it a work of art.

Because like Lily, although we know what the right path is we are afraid to go down it, we almost don’t want to. Because we are in love, we think it might get better, that it was all a bad dream.

But that doubt has become reality and now there is nothing left to do but make a choice.

Get used to living in lily’s mum’s shoes or break the link with the past and build a much brighter future?

Would I recommend it?

This book hurt me in such a deep way, that in the end I never wanted to see it again in my life.

I hated it with all my heart for everything it made me feel, and in spite of that, I gave it to a dear friend of mine.

Because as much as it hurts it tells the truth with an elegance I have never seen and I loved what it made me feel. The pain is so much but you have to overcome it to be able to imagine a better future.

I am grateful to have read it and I would give it to all of you if I could.

The only downside I can find is the ‘background’ relationship in the book, the character is certainly wonderful but by the end of the book I found myself not interested in him.

Precisely because there was so much more at stake and that was the least thing on my mind. Despite this I understand why it was needed and I love him as much as anyone.

Hoover’s writing is often judged, and I haven’t even read her other books. But if you feel like breaking your heart, rely on her even just for this book.

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