Book review: “Divergent” full opinion of the whole series

Today we are talking about Divergent, a book series that is often compared with Hunger games, in an often negative way.

In fact, the writer certainly took inspiration from this dystopian series and also wrote the first book in just a few weeks. Yes you read that right, from what the writer says Divergent was written and completed in college winter break.

Although this seems like a quick and easy success, Veronica Roth also worked and worked hard to sell millions of copies at such a young age.The writing in these novels cannot be described as excellent but neither can it be described as totally mediocre.

The books flow fairly quickly and the romance, which is a central part, is engaging.

The idea behind the story is not bad. It shows us an apocalyptic future in which the whole world has been destroyed after many wars. The only living beings left live in two separate parts of the world. In the first one Tris lives with all the other main characters while the other survivors only appear in the third book.

The main peculiarity of these books is that in Tris’s society, they are all divided into factions, i.e. groups of people who replace your family.

Upon reaching the age of 16, the entire population must decide between these groups.

The factions are: Dauntless (the brave), Abnegation (the selfless), Erudite (the intelligent),Candor (the honest), and Amity (the kind).

I personally haven’t read Hunger games so I won’t go into the similarities here.

However, seeing only Divergent, the idea seems to be original and interesting to develop.

Unfortunately I think that while reading it, the writer’s literary immaturity is very noticeable. In fact, the story often falls into clichés and plot holes are easily found.

I think at one point Veronica Roth relied on the couple, Tris and Four, to sustain the plot. But unless it is a novel, this choice cannot work to her advantage.

Would I recommend it?

The first book as a foundation actually interests me, there is a lot of natural movement because we are introduced to characters and places we have never seen before.

Also, the conflict is interesting and shows well what the Factions want, or at least, it shows well what the Erudites value most.

The second is in my opinion already less interesting. In many places it is a bit slow and stops making you curious about what will happen next.

The third, and last, is peculiar. The story no longer follows the same conflict as it has so far, which is internal problems within the city. Instead, it goes outside. We discover that there is much more than just Tris’s town but that it too has big problems.

In fact at the end of the story it seems like there is little hope for humanity because most of them are always fighting for their survival at the expense of everyone else.

In the third we see that Tris and Four’s relationship becomes a little more realistic because there are conflicts. Big ones, too.

I won’t sit here and spoil the end for you but I didn’t like that very much either. And like me many others didn’t. In fact it made me end the last book looking quite dissatisfied and sad.

As an overall saga I have to say that it catches your attention a lot. In fact despite all the problems it has, as a light story for kids it can work well.

But I wouldn’t use it as an example of a dystopian novel.

So I don’t know if I would recommend it, it depends on what kind of reading you are looking for.

If you want to get an idea of the story you can see the first movie which, despite some lapses, reflects the first book well.

The second and especially the third film, on the other hand, you should not trust because they are a whole different story compared to the literary part.

I hope this review has been useful to you, enjoy.

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