Best room decorations for readers – Dark academia approved

Best room decorations for readers - Dark academia approved

I died for Beauty – but was scarce
Adjusted in the Tomb
When One who died for Truth was lain
In an adjoining Room –

Emily Dickinson

Reading opens up many worlds. It brings you closer to folklore, back to the classics and often makes you take an interest in history. Another side effect is that it pushes you towards a certain style.

Not everyone falls into this category, but it is easy to say that many readers also have a very specific taste in decoration. This style leans heavily on Dark Academia.

Dark academia? What could this strange word mean?

Many young readers will know exactly what I am referring to.

Dark academia is a bit of a parent style, it contains a lot within itself and is not defined by strict rules. It is very recent because its origin is deeply linked to social media such as Instagram and Pinterest. Places where lovers of photography hide.

This ‘social media aesthetic‘ appreciates art in many of its forms, including Gothic, Renaissance and classical.

There is no shortage of love for writing, poetry and classic books.

The colours are dark, going for black and grey, but the most popular is brown. With this style you go in search of beauty, you try to give meaning to small things and you give a lot of importance to education.

Dark Academia is about finding order in minds tortured by thoughts, it is poorly explained in words, it gathers a group of people with a thirst for knowledge and it must be seen to understand.

So below I’ve added a small moodboard to make the concept clearer.

Dark academia? What could this strange word mean?

If we bring this style into interior design, we will be looking for special objects that do not have to be useful but should bring beauty and meaning to the place where they are located. Woody colours and dusty book covers are sought after.

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Back to us, as a reader I know exactly the kind of things we like to have around.

That is why I have put together a small collection of objects that I am sure you will love as much as I do.

Baroque mirror


A baroque mirror for your dorm.

There are objects we use every day and we often underestimate their appearance and their weight in the harmony of a room.
Many people have a lot of mirrors scattered around the house and it would be a good idea to look for some more sophisticated ones to add a touch of beauty.

The leaves framing this mirror are reminiscent of an antique Renaissance painting and its colour is great for being in a room with dark tones.

Serpentine Tieback


We often like to put curtains in front of a window, both to arrange the light in the room and to fill a space that would otherwise remain empty.

This little tieback will help you manipulate sunlight with style and will certainly make more of an impression than a simple ribbon.

Bordeaux Chair


One of the most expensive things I am proposing today, but truly wonderful.

It was love at first sight for me. The colour (I’m biased, it’s my favourite), the softness, the elegance, it’s really just all perfect.
I can see it very well in a room with green or dark brown tones. Really perfect for catching the eye.

Special Hairpins


All right, they are not exactly decoration items but they certainly make their figure. Personally, I hate feeling my hair on my shoulders while studying or working so I’m a fan of hair clips.

And these are really beautiful. (Who knows, maybe they will make even the most disastrous hair look decent)

Classical sculpture pottery


Many of today’s readers are the lovers of mythology from the past. Greek mythology in particular continues to win many hearts with every generation.

Their love for beauty was truly unsurpassed, there were countless studies behind all their art and they aimed for perfection (back then they had the illusion that it could exist).

For these readers, nothing beats a little portable David. Instead of thoughts, you can let out flowers, brushes and it can even be an elegant pen holder.

Classical bookcase


Expensive but understandable. This beautiful wooden bookcase alone can create the dream room. Not only does it have a beautiful colour and lots of available space but…it also has a staircase!!!

I hope I’m not the only one who go crazy about bookcases with ladders. They make me feel like I’m in a live action of Beauty and the Beast. Really dreamy.

Concrete candle holder octopus


How many things can you list that are better than reading by candlelight while it rains outside?

Yeah, that’s what I thought.

If you want a perfect evening without giving up the company of something unusual, then this is perfect for you.
As well as being a super cute idea, it is also very comfortable, so don’t miss out!

Candles Candles Candles


I love them!!!

Yes I do nag you a bit with the candles but I couldn’t let you miss something like this. Anything involving classicism wins the hearts of dark academia fans and this is no different.

Ordering this will get you a mould and you can create Greek pillar candles without limit.

6-tier bookcase


A bookcase less shocking than the other but still beautiful. I love the speckled woody colour but of course the beauty here is in the shape. I

would say that this bookcase is great when you have little space but still want to keep your books with you. It is beautiful, very comfortable and has a peculiar shape that you don’t see every day.

Serious tapestry


Don’t you find that it fits perfectly with the style of a dark academy room? It has exactly the kind of wisdom we’re looking for.

No ok I’m joking but it was too good to miss.

The years may pass but Bibble remains gorgeous.

So you’re welcome.

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Back to us.

Woman worshipping the moon


This link is more of an example than anything else. Nothing makes a room more artistic than actual art. Fill the room with romantic paintings and no one will ever be able to call it ‘boring’.

Wall decoration


A very nice idea for filling empty wall spaces. Very useful. can be used to place vases, books or whatever object you see fit.



This is also a bit of an example, I really like this carpet but there are many other wonderful ones. The point is that in order to have a real room that screams classicism, a carpet is certainly not to be missed. So take a moment and go in search of the perfect one for you.

The list ends here, I truly had fun researching all these decorations. I hope you enjoyed the article, don’t forget to subscribe to the newsletter and to follow the blog on Pinterest.

Enjoy decorating your room!!!

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