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15 Best Indoor Plants for Beginners: Your Ultimate Guide

Best Indoor Plants for your home
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Today we’re going to talk about the best indoor plants for beginners. I’m going to show you many options, from useful pants to keep around the house to beautiful flowers that will make your day. Most of these plants are great for beginners because they require very little maintenance, you don’t have to water them every day, and they adapt easily to any room.

Some of these indoor plants for beginners are even great for the most humid areas, like the bathroom. Some examples are Aloe Vera, Snake Plant, Pothos and the Moth Orchid.

Indoor plants for beginners and self care

Indoor plant: Aloe vera

Aloe vera

Aloe Vera is a very indoor plant. It needs very little care (watering is only necessary when it is super dry, after at least two weeks) and it adapts easily to humidity, so it is perfect for a bathroom.

It’s also useful for self-care, you can use it in hair treatments. Aloe Vera is great for moisturizing, so if you have dry scalp, dry skin, don’t miss this opportunity!

Best indoor plants: Snake plant

Snake plant

The Snake Plant likes the sun, but will also adapt to slightly darker places. It has a delicate, serene look and is great for adding elegance to a room. This plant also prefers fortnightly watering and if the soil still looks wet after two weeks, wait longer.

You can practically forget about it for a month and it will stay nice and healthy, so it is great for beginners.

Indoor plant for beginner: elephant bush

Elephant bush

This plant with a super cute name is super hardy and even suitable for beginners who forget they have plants to take care of. The leaves remind me of little panda paws and it is very adaptable to any room in the house. You can keep it safely on your windowsill and it will look its best for months.

It only needs watering when you notice that the soil has become dry.

Peace lilies

Peace lily

This beautiful plant needs to be watered a bit more, it doesn’t like the soil to be too dry, but it doesn’t need much care either. It is very beautiful so you can keep it in the most visited rooms of your house and it will make you look great.

Its flowers are of a clear and delicate color and it will look its best in a room that is bright and full of light.

Pothos; Best indoor plants for beginners


Pothos is the best plant for a beginner, the easiest to take care of. It is very easy to tell if you have given it too much or too little water, or if it is under too much light, because the leaves will change color depending on this. This plant prefers a stable temperature and try not to put it near windows, direct sunlight is not for it. This climbing plant is wonderful for decorating your splash walls and will make the room a lush and colorful place.

Besides being extremely elegant, it helps purify the air and releases a lot of oxygen into the room.

Philodendron Plant


If we are talking about the best indoor plants for beginners, this is a must. This beautiful plant is at its best in a nice pot to keep in the corner of a room. Like the living room but also the bedroom. It is very elegant and the smooth, glossy leaves create an environment full of life and color. These plants grow a lot, so when you get it find a place in your home that will allow it the space to be at its best.

Kalanchoe "Flapjack" o "Paddle Plant”

Kalanchoe “Flapjack” o “Paddle Plant”

From its natural elegance to its thick and plump leaves, this plant easily brightens up any type of environment. When you are looking for indoor plant ideas, you obviously need small, easy to care for, but beautiful plants. And this one has it all. Also, this plant does not require much attention and grows very slowly, when you water it, you just have to remember not to overwater the leaves so as not to ruin them.

I hope this article has helped all the beginners find the best indoor plant for them. If you have never cared for even a rosemary plant, these plants will help you get started without the fear of making an accidental kill. They are all very hardy and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Along with the plants, I have linked to books that will be a great help to get you started on the right foot.

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Thank you all for your tremendous support and if you are interested in other articles, please feel free to take a look below. Have fun with your new seedlings and let me know how it goes!

15 Perfect Indoor Plants for REAL Beginners

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