Barbie movie Books you need to check out

Barbie movie books you need to check out
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Today we are talking of the Barbie Movie. One of the most searched Barbie related term is “why Barbie movies are good”.

Well, since you’re here, I don’t have to tell you, you already know.

But quickly, Barbie is:

  1. Comforting
    Every cartoon makes you feel like you are in a pink bubblegum. Just for an hour in your own world, where you can enjoy a simple story with bright colors.
  2. Smart
    People desperately needed a smart blonde girl who could do anything she set her mind to. With every step she takes, she shatters every stereotype of the time. Barbie is whoever she wants to be. Barbie is you.

In this article you’ll find great Barbie Movie recommendations. These are based on the Barbie movies and the Barbie classics. Feminism, romance, and most importantly, IN PINK!

Barbie movie Book recommendations

Women don't owe you pretty: The debut book from Florence Given

Women don’t owe you pretty: The debut book from Florence Given

Barbie knows that looks can be deceiving.

Our generation has grown up with models and stars living the Instagram life. They create the lie that real life is pretty, flawless, and full of aesthetic moments. Logically, we know it’s not like that, but sometimes it’s hard to tell fake from truth.

This book will explain exactly how to understand this and start the journey to love life and its flaws as they are.

The Upside of Falling by Alex Light

In the Barbie movie we notice how Barbie and Ken’s relationship is only for appearances. It simply makes sense for them to be together doesn’t it?
Well there is something like that here too. A fake relationship that benefits both parties. Only here maybe something different will blossom.

Real relationship requires a deep understanding and Becca and Brett will be forced to realize that maybe that innocent lie can do a lot more to their messy lives.

Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus

For a great Barbie movie Book recommendations I can not miss this. Our sweet Barbie would absolutely love this. She’s all about working in pink, girls can do anything and Barbie said it first. What happens when you put a scientist on a TV show?

Easy, she ends up teaching the masses.

Chemist Elizabeth Zott was forced to resign and give up her career. Only the opportunity to open her own cooking show can brighten the day. But of course, she will end up teaching much more than a few recipes to women…

Nice Churchy Patriarchy by Liz Cooledge Jenkins

Nice Churchy Patriarchy by Liz Cooledge Jenkins

We know that where Barbie goes, change flows. Religion isn’t sexist. People are. But we can’t deny that churches around the world are still stuck in a time when women didn’t have a voice.

If you want to see how misogyny affects every aspect of women’s experience in the church and how someone can survive it, this is the book for you.

Nice Churchy Patriarchy by Liz Cooledge Jenkins

Why Does Patriarchy Persist? by Carol Gilligan, Naomi Snider

Barbie fights for equity in every movie, every animated film. Equality is the core of a balanced society, so when a president who is patriarchal to the core is elected, it is a shock to anyone who has spent years fighting for a better world.

But why? Why does patriarchy, despite all efforts, still stand? It never occurred to me that the reason was that maybe it is useful for something. This book opens up a new perspective on this seemingly indestructible wall.

Mr Wrong Number by Lynn Painter

Barbie in the Nutcracker, Barbie and the Three Musketeers, Barbie as Rapunzel . Our pink world loves romance. And what’s better than a romantic, ironic, enemies to lovers? Because of a wrong number, two very different people find themselves chatting.

The messages are very heated from the start and when they find out who is on the other end, things get messy… Will they be able to keep the distance in real life? A great book to read in Pink!

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Inspired by the Barbie movie, these books represent the heart of Barbie. They will make you laugh, think, and fall in love. If you spent years of your childhood in the colorful Barbielands, here’s your chance to return to that feeling.

The Barbie movie surprised us all and opened many eyes… Barbie is and always will be for every woman, every girl who dreams of being an astronaut, a chemist or whatever she damn well wants. It’s the choice that counts.

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Remember, reading is a passion and it’s never enough!

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