Amazing Films (and Series) based on books – Reading list

Fog on her glasses
From her still steaming tea
A book in her hand as she casually reads.
A catch in her breath 
As the climax grows near-
She’s deaf to the world;
The book’s all she can hear.
She’s completely lost now
Or perhaps she is found
In this strange paper world
that’s far from the ground.

We are often surprised when we discover that our favourite series or film comes from a book. Perhaps even more spectacular.

Books have lived much longer than films so it is only natural that many stories are taken up and brought to the big screen.

Sometimes it is the books that are famous and popular and that is why filmmakers decide to turn it into a series. Sometimes these stories become famous thanks to the film audience and so many people do not know that it is actually the work of a writer.

It is always a pleasant discovery because if we love a series or a film, the book will only increase our love by giving us a ton more details.

In this list you will find some of the most popular series and films, I recommend every single one of these books because there is a reason they were liked enough to get up there.

Let’s start with the stars:

The magic trio

harry potter
percy jackson

Great for a very specific reason, they are the royalty of world building.

In every genre there are things writers must focus on.

In novels the emotions and thoughts of the protagonists are central, in detective stories the small details that admit the culprit without letting you know are essential, and fantasy must have realistic world building.

It does not matter if it is populated by talking animals, wizards or demigods, the world must make sense. It must work and simply appear to be another reality.

This unfortunately comes out very little in the films, so if you love these franchises you absolutely must read these series.

The despotic trio

hunger games


maze runner

Same thing here. Dystopian novels depend on the construction of their world, more precisely, they depend on the construction of their laws, their governments. They depend on their history.

How did they arrive there? And why? Why do they now choose to revolt?

The film often tries to hint at these things but sometimes either makes them up out of thin air (divergent 3 I’m looking at you) or squeezes them so tightly that it loses a lot of its beauty.

Books on the other hand, having all the time, explain everything and give meaning and answers to all of your questions.


A special occasion in which the book is more famous than the film.

This disturbing story dates back to the late 1940s, it was written at a time when there was little hope for the future and the author reflects exactly that.

He imagines what the world will be like after about 40 years and he is not far wrong, a world where you are all constantly controlled and you no longer have any freedom, your life belongs to the rich and you can neither be nor have anything special.

The book is very good, it keeps you on your toes and makes you constantly wonder how it will end. The film makes a lot of the bleak part of that life but the feeling it gives is very different.

The film relies more on disgust while the author imposed more psychological torture between his lines than anything else.

A series of unfortunate events

A children’s series that nevertheless shows violent murders and the reality of the world as it is, corrupt. I admit that I do not understand how this series or worse, the books can be suitable for children.

It is also true that the series has been toned down a bit, there are many light jokes and the adults turn out to be disarmingly stupid.

Unlike the books, it also tries to give you closure, whereas the latter leaves the decision more on your shoulders.

But if you liked the series and are curious to hear the real story, I really recommend them. They have a lot more detail and more information about the Vf, so you can ‘quench’ any curiosity.


A much talked-about series in 2021, the beloved duke of the first season depopulated social media as everyone fell in love with his charms.

For now, the series only has two seasons, each linked to a book in the book series. The genre is romance, and as much as the scriptwriters have done their best to pick up on the books, some parts are inevitably missing.

The characters’ traits are a bit blurred and the way feelings are shown are naturally different from the books (which have the advantage of getting inside the characters’ minds).

There is a lack of some awesome scenes, which are important for readers. So in case you loved the series, don’t miss the books with all their nuances.


Creepy movie but never more so than the book.

I admit I have to finish reading it (although short I always forget to continue) but the book gives absolutely goosebumps.

I’m not saying the movie, with the beloved buttons isn’t enough, but the reality of the book is more terrifying. And it makes you doubt who the real villain of the story is.

Anne of Green Gables

Wonderful series. It brings tears to your eyes in the sad scenes but causes the same exact reaction in the happy ones.

Basically, you have no escape.

Anne’s life is really interesting and it is enjoyable to watch her grow up and deal with everything that life presents her with.

Unfortunately, however, the series stops at the second book, with a few details from future books.

The series was cancelled but the novels were not, so if you are curious about how Anne’s life will go on, you can’t miss this fascinating saga.

The list ends here, if you want more let me know in the comments. Enjoy your reading!!!

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