The 8 Useful writing tools Every Aspiring Author Needs Most

The 10 Useful writing tools Every Aspiring Author Needs Most

Writing a book requires creativity, the ability NOT to procrastinate and a lot of hard work. You have to know how to create an outline, how a book deal works and have a lot of patience. But there are other, less abstract things, that are absolutely necessary to write a book.

Some writers need only a notebook and a pen, but we are not all the same. And I, for one, definitely need more.

In this article we will talk about essential items for creative writing, but I will also show you items that will help you enormously in your writing progress.

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8 Useful writing tools Every Aspiring Author Needs

Acer 2023 Chromebook

I could recommend more powerful computers with more capabilities but I would go off topic. Here we are talking about useful items for writers and the chromebook is exactly what creative people need.

If you are a writer and you need a computer to work you don’t need to spend many hundreds of dollars, this computer is one of the cheapest there is and has everything a writer needs (it is the one I am using to write this article).

It is easy to use, very fast and so small and light that you can take it
wherever you go. It is the perfect computer for people who travel or study and therefore need to have everything with them at all times.

With an internet connection it can do anything and will never let you down. I can’t recommend it enough, give it a look.

Bluetooth Headphones Wireless Headphones

When I write the same scenario happens as when I read, I am transported to a parallel world, where only I and the book exist. I love going into this trance and I know that it helps my creative process enormously because I concentrate completely on my writing.

One of the things that allows me to get so much into the atmosphere is music. Especially classical music.

But to really feel satisfied I need to have a personal relationship with the background music and that’s where headphones come in.

These giant headphones allow me to black out everything else and enjoy the music without distraction.

They help me enormously to concentrate on what I am doing and I am very sure that every writer and reader could benefit from them. And you, what do you listen to while writing your beloved book?

Kindle Paperwhite (8 GB)

A writer cannot grow if he does not become a reader. It is often from reading that the love of writing is born and develops. Reading many books will increase your creativity and you will learn how to express your thoughts in a poetic and real way.

Unfortunately, books cost money but there is no need to despair. The kindle I am showing you certainly costs more than a book but if you are an avid reader this is nothing compared to what you spend on buying physical books.

The kindle will allow you to read a lot of books for free, yes you heard me right, without spending a penny. And books that do not fall into this category are extremely cheap. If you follow the offers, this investment will have enormous benefits on your wallet, I assure you.

CAGIE Marble Diary with Lock

When I am in front of the doc my mind is blank (except for Taylor Swift songs). When I’m ready with pen and paper, my brain takes a spin on the hamster wheel. When is my creativity at its peak? Before I sleep, while I sleep and as soon as I wake up. Great times to write, don’t you think?
Having a diary to keep constantly by my side has saved the life of my book. All the ideas that come to me are now safely stored in my notebook and I no longer have to rely on my poor memory. This diary is also great for writing in empty moments when you are away from home.

But I have linked you to a specific type of diary. I don’t know about you but it gets on my nerves when someone reads what I write, especially without my permission. This diary solves them all, without the code there is no hope of anyone opening it without your permission. It will faithfully protect any information you entrust to it, a must have.

Hbada Office Chair Desk

Here we are talking about essential items that every writer should own, so I cannot fail to add a comfortable chair to work on. Writing requires many hours of sitting and if we are not careful we risk ruining our health in the name of creativity.

Being comfortable and at ease will save your back health but not only that, it will allow you to concentrate on your book without having to get up every half hour out of desperation.

Working from home in a healthy way is possible if you take the right precautions. This comfortable wheelchair will make you feel like you are cuddled up on 5 pillows, don’t underestimate your comfort in the creative process!

Post-it 24 Note Pads

Post-it 24 Note Pads

Post-it notes are laughable when compared to what I have shown you so far, but they have a usefulness that should not be underestimated.

Often we writers need to write quick ideas on a piece of paper or we constantly forget a character’s name and need to read it over and over again.

This is where you see the usefulness of post-it notes, you can write down whatever you need to remember and even use them to make a visual outline of your book (it might do wonders for some of you).

Whatever you need them for, they will be ready in front of your eyes, you can stick them on the wall, on furniture and whatever object you have nearby. A tiny investment that will come in very handy when writing your book.

TileRec - Slimmest Voice Activated Recorder with 145 Hours Recording Capacity

TileRec – Slimmest Voice Activated Recorder with 145 Hours Recording Capacity

Both the diary, the post-it notes and this recorder have the same function. To allow you to have your ideas saved and treasured. You can decide which option is most useful for you.

Do you like to expand on your ideas when they occur to you? You will need the diary. A few words are enough for you? Post-it notes are for you. Do you want something faster and therefore prefer to do it verbally? The recorder will solve the problem for you.

If you are like me and your urge and hurry change depending on the day, you will probably need all three. When you don’t have time this recorder will be a lifesaver for you, plus it is great for ideas that come to you when you are sleepy, one word and off you go. (try to speak sense though or you will be in for a nasty surprise the next morning).

VOBAGA Coffee Mug Warmer

All the things I have recommended in this article are things that, as a writer, I find very useful and make my job easier. So yes, even if this self-heated mug is not necessarily a must for writers, I still find it very useful for those who spend many hours sitting at work.

Often when I am writing I make myself a cup of tea or a latte, the problem is that if I concentrate on writing when I go to drink it later I find it cold. Writing requires concentration but I also don’t want to have to drink my tea in two seconds for fear that it will get cold.

This mug, besides being super cute, solves the problem once and for all. You can work for hours and your drink will just sit there waiting for you, what could be better

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