6 Innovative LGBTQ+ Books you absolutely need to read

5 Innovative LGBTQ+ Books you absolutely need to read

So many people search for readings that can represent them but sometimes LGBTQ+ Books are not that easy to find. 

Fortunately, there are blogs like mine, ready to save you the trouble and find the best options for you. In this article you will find plenty of LGBTQ+ books for all tastes.

Whether you are lesbian, gay, transgender or bisexual, you will find everything you need in this LGBTQ+ Reading list. Have fun!

The best LGBTQ+ Books you have to read now

Only Mostly Devastated by Sophie Gonzales

Ollie and Will seem to be the perfect couple, but unfortunately summer doesn’t last forever and in the blink of an eye Ollie finds himself with nothing but memories. Will disappears and goes back to his old life and Ollie tries to do the same, except that family problems force him to change schools. And who will be the not-at-all-gay class clown at his new school? Will himself. Ollie finds himself not only heartbroken but has to accept a closeted and even a bit of a jerk Will. How will the story end?

Everyone in This Room Will Someday Be Dead by Emily Austin

Gilda, a lesbian atheist afraid of death, finds a flyer in her hands. Free therapy in the local church, why not try it? The only problem is that instead of getting advice she finds herself with a new job, church receptionist. Between hiding her new girlfriend and learning Catholic songs, Gilda also finds herself pretending to be a letter friend of a nice elderly woman, not wanting to tell her that her friend has passed away.

It starts out sweet and harmless, but when new twists come out about the elderly woman’s death, questions begin to arise.

Out of the Blue Hardcover by Jason June (Author)

A perfect book for those who do not identify as male or female, for in the world of the underwater world there are no such worries. Crest unfortunately cannot enjoy life in his natural habitat, because to take his place in society he will have to help the human Sea with his mortal problems.

Crest usually despises humans for what they have done to the environment, but Sea will manage to change his opinion… and do so much more.

The Once and Future Witches by Alix E. Harrow

This pine book of magic has one particular feature, it can be a little slow for the first few chapters.

But if you have the courage to stay and continue the adventure, you will love it. If you want to read about a coven of brave women, full of love and secrets, open these pages. With the use of old manuscripts and faith in the future, it is possible to change the course of history.

Pride and Prejudice and Pittsburgh by Rachael Lippincott 

When a kind gentleman offers her advice on love, Audrey expects an uncomfortable conversation not to be transported 200 years into the past. And Lucy Sinclair, she certainly does not expect a woman from the future to rescue her from a loveless arranged marriage. Sparks fly between the two, but will it be enough to defeat the bounds of space-time?

Paper Planes Paperback by Jennie Wood

Dylan and Leighton are nonbinary and asexual. After a serious accident that threatens to ruin their future, everything becomes complicated. They are sent to a camp for troubled teenagers and will have to reconsider their priorities and the limits of their friendship.

The article ends here I hope these LGBTQ+ Books give you a pleasant read. If you found the article useful, don’t forget to subscribe to the newsletter and join Pinterest!

Innovative LGBTQ+ Books you absolutely need to read

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