15 Great Book ideas for writing a book that gets read

How to find book ideas for writing a book

If you want to write a book and finish it, you need to have an idea that is strong enough to take you from start to finish. But don’t worry, it’s not impossible to have a good idea, you just need the right help. In this article, you will learn how to find book ideas for writing a book that people will read.

I will explain how I practically stumbled upon the idea for my book and how you too can create a ‘happy accident’.

In the meantime, let us think together about a very important concept of being a writer.

What is the easiest kind of book to write?

If you are not an experienced writer, I suggest you try writing either a novel or a non-fiction book. Romance is the best-selling and most profitable type of book. While non-fiction is the easiest genre to write. Try one of these two and you will have a chance of success despite your lack of experience. Which genre is the easiest to sell depends on the writer, but novels are very easy to promote, new books in the genre appear every day, and although their quality is not always great, they are sold and loved by many readers.

What is the hardest genre to write?

A very difficult genre to write is mystery. There are a lot of clues to be given to the reader and a lot of evidence to be planted without letting them know the culprit before the end. It is very difficult to take all this into account if you are a first-time writer. Start with an easier genre like romance or non-fiction.

How to find Great book ideas for writing a book?

How to find book ideas for writing a book

Use your life

A writer’s experiences are his greatest baggage. Even without wanting to, our personality and what we have experienced shines through the pages of everything we write.

A great writer is great for two reasons:

  • he writes continuously despite everything
  • he exploits what he knows

If you have experienced grief, if your family has gone through a unique experience, or even if you have been bullied, you can exploit this to build a story on it.

Think about alternative realities. Perhaps you ordered a parcel from Amazon yesterday and it arrived today, in one story however the wrong parcel may have arrived. A shipment that wasn’t meant for you and that, against your will, forces you to leave everything behind and run away. Why? What did the mysterious parcel contain?

You see what I mean? It’s very easy to get an idea out of the everyday life we all live. Find the idea that excites you and don’t hesitate. Every written word is experience gained.

Use the stories of your family members

This is what I did. I was in the kitchen talking quietly with my grandmother and at one point she started telling me about my ancestors. About their lives and their suffering.

This story touched my heart for days and an idea began to form in my head. An idea for a book.

Do the same. Listen carefully to the stories of your family members and think about what comes to mind, is there something so interesting that you would like to tell? Denounce? Celebrate? I am sure there is.

Use your fears to find book topics

What are you afraid of? And I don’t mean like spiders, but something heavier. More abstract.

Are you afraid of abandonment? Talk about someone being abandoned by everyone they love. Fear of death? Tell about an old person in their last days, or a young person, or imagine what might happen after death.

Your fears are not there to hold you back, but to help you, and if you use them creatively, you will not only have a valuable book topic, but you will be able to understand them and deal with them once and for all.

Use what you have seen

If you have travelled a lot, or if you live in a special place for some reason, use this to generate ideas for a book.

Is there a place that has shocked or amazed you enough to stick in your mind? What are you waiting for, use it and write a story about it. If it stuck with you, maybe it will stick with someone else, who knows, maybe millions of readers!

Use art that already exists

Songs, films, documentaries, there are so many creative ideas you can get from these sources. What is your favourite song? What is it about? Write a book about it. Original book topics are everywhere if you just pay attention to your surroundings.

Do something nice and write an autobiography

Go and volunteer in hospitals and then write about what you have seen and heard. Or raise money for a new centre for the elderly. Or is there a subject you are particularly interested in? Something you know everything about? Write a non-fiction book about it and share it with others.

Use your relationship

Do you have a happy relationship? What makes your relationship happy? Write a book about this feeling. Or is someone you love not right for you? Write a book about someone in the same situation.

Use the interesting lives of others

Make a list of public figures who inspire you for some reason and ask to interview them. Do this with a specific group of people. For example, the best swimmers in America. And with their permission, publish all the interviews in your book.

Use your hobbies

Do you like to crochet? Write a book showing and explaining your most popular patterns. Are you a great cook? Write about your favourite recipes. Are you a film lover? Write about ‘how to make the perfect film’.
Anything can be turned into a book topic, remember that.

Talk about bad experiences

Are you a horror fan and have you visited many haunted places? Write a book about it! Everyone will want to know more about your occult experiences. Have you had a lot of bad dates? Write a book about it, write ‘How to have a horrible date: the perfect recipe’.

Use your work

Do you have an interesting job that people would like to know about? Write about it. Or write a fictional book where the main character has the same job as you. Are you an entrepreneur instead? Even better, write about how you built your business and what you learned along the way. These days, everyone wants to have a side hustle or their own business, so if you write a useful and concise book, you are sure to get noticed.

Book topics/book ideas for writing a book

I will now give you a list of book topics that you can use freely to write your first book.

Short novels

Two classmates who hate each other are faced with a joint project: preventing their village library from being closed. Will they be able to put their feelings aside and win the prize?


A woman always takes the same route home from work, the one that passes by the eerie abandoned house. Nothing ever happens until one day someone or something pulls her inside.


A famous policeman is finally enjoying his retirement. The days pass quickly and he begins to get bored, until he starts to receive strange letters under his bedroom door. Who is the sender? And how is it getting into his house?

Science fiction

It is the future and it is compulsory for everyone to record their dreams and submit them to the government once a year. Sam obeys every year until he starts having strange dreams. Which could put him in danger.

I hope these book ideas for writing a book that will be read have been enough to turn the light bulb on for you. If you found these book ideas useful, please do not hesitate to subscribe to the newsletter and follow the blog on Pinterest!

Thank you, dear writer, and have a look below for more useful tips on creative writing.

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