10 Amazing art books that will change your life

10 Amazing art books that will change your life

Books are not only a great hobby to pass the time in fantastic worlds full of adventure. They are also great for learning; the art books I am about to present to you are a must-have for every artist.

Reading is a great way to learn. It takes away any distractions that would occur on the web and allows you to have examples in your hands to copy.

Whether you are a beginner or not, these art books will help you understand, in a practical way, how to overcome the difficulties of drawing.

They will show you how to play with light, how to arrange shadows and depth in your art.

Each of these books is great for igniting your slumbering imagination and bringing you back into the passion of drawing.

You will learn how to draw like a boss and how to learn colour theory in 15 minutes.

Enjoy this list of art books that every artist must have in their library.

How can a beginner start art?

10 Art books to learn about art beginner friendly

10 Art books to learn about art beginner friendly

Color and Light: A Guide for the Realist Painter

This is one of the best art books to learn from, so many artists around the world never stop recommending it and they certainly have their reasons.

As you can well understand from the title, this is the perfect art book to learn how to use colour and light in your drawings. Two parts that if taught well will transform your art forever.

Dream Worlds: Production Design for Animation: Production Design in Animation

The perfect book for aspiring animators. This art book explains the composition of your favourite animated films so that you can get to their level. The book shows you the analysis of the films and the visual development that led to the final product. Everything is shown through accurate images and drawings.

The Noble Approach: Maurice Noble and the Zen of Animation Design

In this fantastic animation book you will find the life and art of Maurice Noble, an animator who gave 60 years of his life to animation.

Between the pages you will find his drafts and can see the transformation from a simple sketch to a complete animation film.

Figure Drawing: Design and Invention

By means of clear and easy to reproduce drawings, this drawing free teaches you how to illustrate characters while respecting the correct anatomy. It is an excellent art book for beginners as it guides you step by step in illustrating each body part.

You will understand how to use perspective to your advantage and how to respect the volume of each figure. Goodbye different eyes!

Morpho: Simplified Forms; Anatomy for Artists

This is also an excellent art book for learning how to draw the anatomy of the body. The only difference is that while the one above shows you how to draw the complete body, Morpho focuses on the muscles and bone structure.

Together they count as a complete anatomy course.

How to Draw People: Step-by-Step Lessons for Figures and Poses

This book is an excellent teacher who takes you by the hand, calms you down and shows you step by step how to draw the character of your dreams.

It explains anatomy extremely well and is great for beginners.

Imaginative Realism: How to Paint What Doesn’t Exist: 1

James Gurney is famous for being able to turn simple ideas into dream worlds, and in this book he shows you how.

This book tells you how to sketch and compose an invented world and how to deal with the architecture and anatomy of alien beings. Finally, it fills you with tips in case you want to enter the working world of fantasy illustration.

The Art of Luca 

“The art of Luce” shows you the steps the illustrators took to create this film, seen and admired by millions. Starting with the first sketches, you can see each character and their characterisation.

It will fill you with the inspiration and imagination needed in the field of illustration.

[LEZHIN] Secret Character Drawing

This art book, recommended by many valuable artists, focuses on the posture and movement of the characters.

Get your pencil and paper ready because the best way to learn here is to practise.

The Art Of Howl’s Moving Castle

‘Howl’s Moving Castle’ is one of my favourite animated films. I of course love the story, in fact I have read the trilogy (yes the film only shows you the first one), but I especially love the animation.

When you watch that film you feel completely absorbed in that world full of magic, where all the strangest dreams can come true. This book teaches you how you, too, can make the audience feel that way about your art.

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